Achieving operational excellence through process visualization

Learn how to drive operational excellence, maximize business value and reduce process waste

Attend this webinar to get started with process visualization and management tools designed to improve business efficiency

This webinar will take place on:
November 17, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

Visualizing and managing business processes is the first step in achieving improved efficiency and overall operational excellence. To get started, identifying even the smallest processes within an organization, mapping them, collaborating across the organizations and bringing those processes to life can help businesses achieve efficiency. Once those processes are documented and managed, opportunities for improvement can be identified and acted up.

This webinar will outline how good process management and visualization is the critical first step in achieving operational excellence. It will show attendees how engaging the line of business experts can lead to faster and more accurate process documentation and what steps organizations can take to establish continuous process improvement.

By attending this webinar you will find out:

  • The importance of being able to visualize and manage business processes.
  • How business value can be derived from process optimization.
  • How to drive continuous improvement in a business.
  • Why stakeholders should be engaged on proper process documentation.

This webinar will be presented by:

Matt Spears, senior solutions engineer at Nintex

Business improvement professional Matt Spears has a passion for transforming the way value is created and has improved the work experiences of many employees during a career driven by a pursuit of continuous improvement. As part of his journey, Spears made the transition from operations to knowledge management, leading organizational change at a multibillion-dollar general contracting firm.

Spears now helps companies achieve operational excellence through business process management. He holds a master of business administration degree from Kennesaw State University.

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