The End of BPA As We Know It? - Nimbus Founder Ian Gotts Discusses Acquisition By TIBCO

Is BPM going the way of ERP? Over the past year many stand alone BPM vendors have been bought out by larger firms and their functionality is incorporated into larger BPM suites. Nimbus, which sells business process modelling software, was bought out by BPM giant TIBCO in July earlier this year. The founder of Nimbus, Ian Gotts, now VP TIBCO Software, says that he believes that many of the standalone BPM vendor categories, such as BPA (Business Process Analysis) will disappear but that its capabiltiies such as process mapping and modelling remain critical to making BPM work.

In this PEX Network video interview, Ian Gotts discusses the implications of TIBCO's acquisition of Nimbus over the summer, the changing market landscape for Business Process Analysis tools, and explains why he believes that the business case for BPM becomes stronger in an economic downturn.
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