Simplify your process design!

How documenting and standardizing processes online creates a solid foundation for an optimized model

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09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

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Are your you struggling with standardizing your process management? Karla Younger, Vice President of HR Services for Coca-Cola Business Services North America, answers your questions on how to avoid the common process pitfalls like versioning, updated documentation, and employee engagement. Register now!

Karla is responsible for human resource services operations and transformation. She has been in shared services for 17 years, and contributed to the Coke system for more than 23 years in total. During her tenure, Karla has launched Payroll Shared Services. Karla and her team are committed to a continuous focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness when dealing with customers. 

In the webinar, delegates will learn:

  • how to increase visibility to process variation across business segments
  • how to consistently train and onboard new employees
  • how to embed control points in your process