How to apply lean principles and automation for process adoption and perfection

If you want to realize the maximum benefits of automation, it is essential to apply lean principles to processes before you start and ensure that waste is minimized. in this webinar, we look at practical steps PEX professionals can take to achieve this.

This webinar will take place on:
March 11, 2020
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

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Digital Process Automation is saving businesses time and money by completing repetitive work faultlessly at volume.  

But how do you best organize your processes and people to make this automation achieve the results you want? In this webinar hosted by FlowForma and Octagon Value Chain, we will discuss the importance of looking at ways to improve your processes, before you begin automating.

Lean expert Clifford Lee will share his recommended steps for improving processes to drive value and reduce waste with lean principles. FlowForma’s process expert Shay O’Connor will explain how organizations use the FlowForma Process Automation tool to automate processes that support lean principles and encourage user adoption. This tool includes dynamic views of each process that participants need to see, automatic notification of next steps and access to real-time data.

In this webinar you will learn: 

•    How leveraging lean principles can help you drive operational excellence.
•    How to successfully digitize agile processes without any code and succeed in user adoption, with the FlowForma Process Automation tool.
•    Examples of how organizations have improved and automated processes such as risk monitoring and assessment, change management and customer/supplier onboarding.

Shay O'Connor, Senior Vice President, FlowForma
Cliff Lee, Vice President, Octagon Value Chain

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