How Office Depot’s Business Process Improvement (BPI) group is injecting Continuous Improvement into the company’s organizational DNA

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One of the difficulties with many Continuous Improvement initiatives within organizations is that they remain just that - an initiaitive within an organization. For process improvement to truly lead to exceptional business results, it needs to become a mentality embedded within all business units and the organizaton as whole.

In this webinar, global retailer Office Depot shares how it created a new Business Process Improvement (BPI) organization to drive continuous improvement throughout the company and create a culture of accountability and superior execution. Understand how the fledgling BPI team accelerated change, partnering with Office Depot process leaders to not only meet but exceed first year goals within a period of only 10 months. And hear a first hand account of how the BPI team is rising to the challenge to inject continuous improvement and execution excellence into Office Depot’s organizational DNA.

Vince Pierce Senior Vice President, Global Business Transformation Office Depot
Donald Mears Change Management Lead, Business Process Improvement Office Depot