How GEFCO Achieved Process Excellence by Utilizing Innovative Process Mining Technology

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Learn how utilizing process mining tools enables you to cut time and costs required for traditional process discovery, analysis and optimization by more than half.


In this webinar Michal Bugar from international logistics company GEFCO and Michal Rosik from award-winnig IT company GRADIENT ECM, will share a first-hand account of GEFCO’s process optimization journey including how they have: 

  • Used groundbreaking process mining software to analyze & optimize automated processes in under 30 days 
  • Identified problematic areas in the distribution of work among teams, which increased productivity by approx. 60%  
  • Increased customer satisfaction by predicting delivery times depending on the supplier, and ensuring delivery of goods and services in time 
  • Detected fraudulent activity within all order processes to maximize company security  
  • Saved approximately 12 800 hours annually in more efficient order approvals
  • Saved approximately 14 400 hours annually in invoice approval by eliminated cyclic process areas

The main takeaways from attending this session include:

  • Learning how you can utilize event log data to discover, analyze and optimize business as well as non-business processes in your organization
  • How to apply process mining tool Minit in real-life scenarios to analyze different types processes
  • How process mining can be used to achieve company-wide benefits in different industries  
Michal Bugar IT Manager GEFCO