Essential Business Change Management Skills For BPM Success

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Almost any business process change agent will tell you that business change management is the single hardest part of transformation. Whether it’s caused by a merger, an acquisition, the introduction of new technology, launching a new product or service, corporate restructuring, or introduction of new governance, large transformational changes significantly impact job roles, employee morale, organizational structure, and the culture.
Because business change management involves the process, tools, and techniques to manage people, it’s hard, demanding and challenging work. While some executives see it as “motherhood and apple pie” or just basic good management, and others view it as an abstract discussion without any concrete components.  
But, business change management can make or break a major initiative, can cause valued employees to leave and reduce the ROI you intended to achieve, simply because the project went off the rails.
Forrester interviewed several large enterprises about their approaches, lessons learned and recommendations.  We learned several techniques or bodies of knowledge that companies sometimes apply, including:  1) John Kotter, Leading Change, 2) ADKAR, promoted by Prosci, 3) RACI, an approach for project management, 4) the Four Disciplines, by Franklin Covey and 5) Stop. Start. Continue., from Deloitte.
This webinar will share the lessons learned from several companies that have lived through large change initiatives and provide advice from practitioners who have gone through the peaks and valleys and lived to tell the tale.
In this Webinar, attendees will gain:

  • An understanding of why the change process is hard and needs special planning and attention
  • An overall plan to help employees move through the change process
  • A toolkit of best practices, mistakes to avoid, and key implementation activities
Connie Moore Vice President, Research Director Forrester