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Australasia’s Premier Operational Excellence Event is back for it's 15th year, taking place 15 - 17 March 2021 in Sydney. Get your copy of the brand new brochure to see what we have in store for you this year!

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OPEX Week Australia - Presentation Packet

Download the highest rate presentations from OPEX Week Australia 2019 - Featuring insights from Fiji Airways, Toll Group, Water Corporation and Sime Darby Plantation.

Operational Excellence in 2018: Australian State of the Industry Report

For the 5th year running, we surveyed over 50 business improvement professionals from a cross-section of industries across Australia to uncover the major challenges, trends and opportunities for productivity gains in Australian business improvement now and in the coming months. This report, sponsored by Open Orbit, explores three main drivers...

The Operational Transformation Debate: People Vs. Processes?

Crucial to any operational transformation  is a balance between processes that bring efficiency and the people that enable them. So then, the question on every CEO’s lips in today’s digital age – what is more important - people, or process?Should we be more focused on the ‘right’ talent acquisition and...

5 Crucial Factors for Aligning People and Process during Global Change

A PEX Network Exclusive Interview with Penny Cortez, Director, Cultural Transformation and Change Management, Chevron UpstreamPenny Cortez, Director, Cultural Transformation and Change Management at Chevron Upstream and key speaker at OPEX Week Australia,  led the cultural transformation effort for one of Chevron’s largest business units in Africa. In this interview...

2018 Global OPEX Benchmarking Report

Based on a global industry-wide survey (taken by 200 OPEX professionals), the global report looks at how the cultural changes of the last few years are impacting on leadership and explore how reputation management has become a key part of the story.


eBook: 10 Analytical Techniques to Improve Business Processes

Organisations invest a lot of time and effort in mapping business processes, however rarely is process analysis approached with the same rigor.Optimum business improvement is a product of process analysis, not of process mapping alone.Download this eBook from PRIME BPM to learn the 10 key analytical techniques to achieve all...

eBook: Top 15 Process Attributes for Optimum Process Analysis

Learn about these Top 15 process attributes that will help you undertake proper and accurate process analysis to identify inefficiencies. To learn more about PRIME BPM, click here

eBook: Improve Productivity and Agility with PRIME

Being agile will help you respond swiftly to global political and economical changes, where being productive will make you profitable and efficient while addressing these changes.Learn how to be productive and agile to beat the competition and drive the customer and employee satisfaction in this eBook from PRIME BPM. To...

Adopting and embedding process innovations to drive customer centricity: Insights from Woolworths, Bupa, ANZ, Virgin Australia and Optus

What strategies can organisations use to alter and transform processes to better support the end goal of delivering an excellent customer experience?To answer this question, the PEX Network recently caught up with five key influencers in process innovation to find out the strategies they are each using to embed customer...


A Practical Approach to Better Business

Open Orbit is Expertise Automation technology for business process improvement in enterprises. It is like a “GPS” for process efficiency, guiding users from problem to remedy. Welcome to our white paper series containing actionable insights for running better business processes

Solving Core Problems of Strategic Change in 4 Steps

Strategy execution very often fails because of alignment problems. If the strategic vision is not translated into an operating model and a way of working, executive managers have a hard time defining concrete targets for their managers and KPIs to measure their success.Download this exclusive report to explore; Why strategy...

According to the Experts: Understanding How Effectively Deployed Operational Excellence Initiatives are Helping Overcome Emerging Challenges and Drive Business Growth

The concept of operational excellence, and an understanding of its transformative powers, is not new to Australian businesses though. For decades, operational excellence has been recognised as a key way to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. But in 2019, the rapid pace of change, evolving customer expectations...

The Global Content Wrap: OPEX Insights from Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia we take a look at some of the best content pieces from our sister events around the globe. Sharing insights from Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA, this content wrap report aims to give you insights into the operational excellence best practice strategies from...

Innovating in an era of change: taking operational excellence to the next level in 2017 and beyond

For the 4th year running, we surveyed business improvement professionals from a cross-section of industries across Australia and New Zealand, to uncover the major challenges, trends and opportunities for productivity gains in Australian business improvement and Operational Excellence now and in the coming months.This report explores three main drivers influencing...


Interview with Michelle Lue-Reid, Former General Manager, Run Enterprise Services at the Commonwealth Bank

In this interview from OPEX Week Australia 2017, Michelle Lue-Reid, Former General Manager, Run Enterprise Services at the Commonwealth Bank explores how organisations can shift from an efficiency and cost reduction mindset to align process with business strategy.

How Walmart is Driving Profits and Operational Excellence with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia 2019 we chat with Prakhar Mehrotra, Senior Director of Machine Learning at Walmart, USA. Prakhar, who was previously Head of Data Science at Uber as well as Senior Data Scientist at Twitter, explores how Walmart is harnessing AI and data analytics to drive profits and...

How enterprise companies are transitioning to an Agile Business model to drive operational excellence – a personal journey

In this interview, Ana Marinkovic, Former Head of Transformation at ANZ and current Chief Operating Officer of Opteon shares the steps she had taken to implement this revolutionary agile model and the benefits that it needs to bring to the business.  

How Service NSW Implemented a Circular Service Continuous Improvement Model to drive customer centric process improvements

In this case study, Steven Issa, Head of Operations at Service NSW shares the digital and cultural transformation required to implement a new operating model and how data can be harnessed to drive operational excellence for both the business and customer.


HSBC Australia CIO Ben Tabell speaks about operational excellence

In this interview by Open Orbit, Ben Tabell, CIO at HSBC explores the organisation's OPEX journey to date and the core areas they will be focusing on in the coming months to further drive agility, efficiency and customer-centric transformation.

Leveraging Your Process to Enable Strategy Rather Than Just Efficiency

In this video interview Michelle Lue-Reid, Former General Manager, Run Enterprise Services at the Commonwealth Bank explores how organisations can shift from an efficiency and cost reduction mindset to align process with business strategy.


3 Ways to Gain Buy-In for Continuous Improvement

Research out of the Juran Institute, which specialises in training, certification, and consulting on quality management globally, reveals that only 30 percent of improvement initiatives succeed.