Accelerate Business Excellence Through People, Process and Technology For World-Class Capability

OPEX Week is one of Australia’s largest operational excellence events, where decision makers from across the country discuss new strategies and challenges surrounding OPEX and ways to improve frontline and business performance!

In an increasingly competitive marketplace full of disruptive challenges and digital innovations, it’s more important now than ever before for businesses to focus on operational excellence.

With 53% of businesses recognising change management as a key priority, and 45% of paid activities able to be automated in 2019, new ways of working will be integral to your role in the near future.

OPEX Week 2019 looks at ways business leaders can improve change and operational excellence programs. With customers demanding faster, better and cheaper services, it remains important to transform operating models for world class capability.

With the basis of operational excellence built on teams working on problems and opportunities that are aligned with organisational strategies, OPEX Week 2019 is relevant to all businesses looking to improve operational capabilities.

I look forward to seeing you in Sydney in July as we delve into ways your company can improve its Operational Excellence model!

Featured Speakers:

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Industry Leading Streams


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Operational Excellence Event in the World

New Case Studies. Real Challenges. First Class Projects

90% brand new speakers

Brand new case studies on continuous improvement models and approaches by Kellogg's and Optus

25 new speaker companies

6 new streams on topics such as data analytics, change management and customer centricity, including how to achieve end-to-end process efficiency, best practice and lessons learned

2 immersive site tours

Several case studies on transformation with the aid of tech and aligning process improvements and technical enhancement

3 prestigious international OpEx experts

7 case studies dedicated to culture and change and sustainably transforming a business with specific approaches and outcomes

1 motivational/inspirational speaker

A pre-conference Mastercard site tour looking at their Innovation Labs and world class business capability

Dedicated PEX process excellence stream focused purely on Lean/Six Sigma

A look into how ING changes their processes for Operational Excellence, drawing on inspiration from international leaders

A focus on agile, process design methodologies, leadership, and robotics

6 major topic areas and streams - culture, processes and transformation

Revamped and reinvigorated Awards Night and Cocktail Evening

Renewed focus on connecting your capability to improve operational processes and delight customers, plus technical strategy for the future of OPEX

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