Advancing Your Operational Landscape Through Combining Scaled Digital Transformation, An Empowered Workforce, and Streamlined Processes That Drive Value Back To Your Business

It has been a tough year for everyone this last 12 months, in particular operations and transformation teams who have been tasked with quickly accelerating a number digital initiatives at lightning speed and under intense pressure. From moving thousands of employees to remote-working models in a matter of hours to digitising up to 100% of products - this was a year of hyper-change. 

Having emerged from the chaos and looking ahead to the future, COO's and Operational leaders are looking to determine what the new operating model should look like for 2021 and beyond?

Join us VIRTUALLY as you  network with your peers and discuss the key strategies you need to lead your business to the next wave of innovation!

  • Key Themes include: 
    Executing Sustainable Business Strategies | Streamlining Processes to Reduce Operational Costs and Risks | Aligning the Organisation to Create a Digital Transformation Strategy  | Implementing Continuous Improvement Initiatives through Change Management

New Case Studies. Real Challenges. First Class Projects

  • Hear How Westpac Established Priorities In A Time Of Crisis & Are Setting New Priorities In The Post-COVID Landscape

  • Leveraging Digital Disruption As An Opportunity to Future Proof AGL Energy For Success and Improve Service Delivery For The Company’s 3.7 Million Customers

  • Human-Centred Transformation – How Worksafe Victoria Has Developed A Transformation Program That Adopts Client-Centred Design Model To Create New Product And Services

  • Exploring The Future Of Tafe NSW’s Digital Product Delivery And Their Re-Alignment Of Processes And Frameworks To Match The Re-Established Digital Products.

  • Hear about how ASX 200 companies have been leveraging their digital transformation strategies to combat the adverse effects of COVID-19 such as such as reduction in resources and manpower as well as increased scrutiny on cost control

  • Understand how Workforces & Roles are being reinvented to drive better and faster service delivery for Customers

  • Giving you first-hand insight into how COO's & OPEX leaders are leveraging automation to eliminate further cost redundancies

  • Learn how organisations are leveraging Data & Analytics tools to identify operational inefficiencies and process optimisation opportunities