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Organizational Change
Contributor: John W. Moran, Ph.D & Les Beitsch, MD, JD
Posted: 12/01/2016
John Moran
Through our experience in making successful organizational change we have found the following questions provide a useful guide in helping to think through a change initiative before embarking, while also minimizing the resistance to change. The questions deal with issues and concerns before the change starts (BC), during the change process (DC), and after the change has been made (AC) on all levels that are affected by the change. Full Article »
Contributor: PEX Network Staff
Posted: 12/06/2016
PEX Network Staff
Attendees at the RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit accepted the #MannequinChallenge - will you? Full Video »
Contributor: Genna Weiss
Posted: 04/23/2009
With an ever-changing economic, political and technological landscape, the question arises about whether leaders and industries in the 21st century are equipped to handle these changes. In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Pete Pande—President and Founder of Pivotal Resources, leading expert in process Full Podcast »
Contributor: Jeff Cole
Posted: 12/07/2015
Jeff Cole
Ever launched a process change only to have it blow right back in your face? If not, it’s awesome to be you. If you have experienced change blowback, there is something to be said for having a failure (hopefully not epic) sometime during your career – you will feel the pain and that will alter your DNA such that you will never make that same Full Column »
Contributor: Andrea Charles
Posted: 01/12/2017
Andrea Charles
The bar will be set higher for achieving operational excellence in 2017. As organizations face global uncertainty, increased regulatory scrutiny and cost pressures, leveraging operational excellence is essential to remain competitive.

For the leaders that able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, differentiate their process and adopt emerging technologies, whilst keeping a customer-centric approach, new opportunities and profitability await in 2017. Full Whitepaper »