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September 22, 2016 by Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan
Metrics are a popular, and sometimes controversial, topic. Business architecture and transformation professionals can serve their organizations by thinking through the relevant issues with respect to metrics. Ultimately, effective metrics – like other parts of a business – depend on an effective process: (1) plan for measurement, (2) collect data, (3) analyze the data, and (4) report findings. Understanding that process, particularly the first step, will help transformation professionals to build executive engagement and sponsorship to advance the maturity and capability.
August 25, 2016 by Debashis Sarkar
Debashis Sarkar
There are no short-cuts to creating a customer-centric organization. It gets built brick by brick when a company has a committed leadership and a drive to make it happen. And this gets propelled by none less than the CEO. The CEO has to bring customer at the centre of the organization and drive this with a missionary zeal. While I don’t want to...
August 24, 2016 by KiSSFLOW Editorial
Pitfalls of Process Automation
In recent years, many businesses have lived by the notion ‘automate or die’ when it comes to their processes. With the growing ease of business process automation software, many companies and consultants feel their job is not done until every inch of the office is covered with automation.BPA software has undoubtedly helped companies cut down costs...
August 18, 2016 by
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KiSSFLOW believes that you know how to solve your office chaos problems better than anyone else. That’s why they created a cloud-based platform to help business leaders create, modify, and use automated business applications. You can make each application with beautiful, easy-to-use, and modern technology.
August 15, 2016 by Tristan Boutros
 Most organizations recognize the importance of innovation in advancing their competitive position or improving their business operations. However, many do not recognize that successful innovation is built on a series of key components, not simply generating a lot of new ideas. The biggest element to success in becoming an innovative company...
August 2, 2016 by PEX Network Staff
PEX Network Staff
It’s no news that the alignment of operational excellence with strategic goals is the catalyst for peak enterprise performance.  However, the question now stirring up debate among the PEX community is how can you ensure this peak performance remains sustainable?Like your business, as Business Performance Excellence USA enters it’s 5th year,...
August 1, 2016 by
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Business managers need cloud-based services that can seamlessly blend content, people, processes, and communications as part of a cohesive workflow. Get insights from real cases on how to empower your workforce with a new generation of connected tools that drive meaningful collaboration and mobility. Be inspired on how to enable business...
July 28, 2016 by Roger Price
Roger Price
Process Excellence as a discipline can be a bit hard to figure out. Process improvement approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and BPM have existed in one form or another for years and, when implemented to good effect, have produced tremendous results. Yet for every “success story,” there are companies that made a serious commitment to process...
July 26, 2016 by Hari Kelachankuttu
A recent trip to my home town gave me the chance to use a popular ride hailing app for the first time. The convenience it offered was awesome compared to my previous trips, when I had to pre book and pay a higher price for a Taxi. It is no wonder ride hailing apps are popular around the world. With the rise of ride hailing, sharing apps,...
July 18, 2016 by Edward Gumm
law book
As with any legal system we would all no doubt welcome the opportunity to cherry pick a legal framework that is easy to navigate. This of course must be a system that provides the necessary protection for people and organisations alike.There is no doubt that the EU has provided us with a legal framework that we have now become accustomed to and...
798 All results
of 79