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Contributor: Tristan Boutros
Posted: 08/15/2016
 Most organizations recognize the importance of innovation in advancing their competitive position or improving their business operations. However, many do not recognize that successful innovation is built on a series of key components, not simply generating a lot of new ideas. The biggest element to success in becoming an innovative company i Full Article »
Contributor: Process Excellence Network
Posted: 09/08/2016
Process Excellence Network
Brenton Harder, Director, BNY Mellon, will chairing 18th Annual OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2017, taking place January 23 - 27, 2017 | Hilton Orlando, Orlando, Florida. We took a minute to call Brenton and find out how your #1 Operational Excellence event just got a whole lot bigger. Want to find out more? Full Video »
Contributor: Diana Davis
Posted: 02/02/2014
Mobile apps and GPS devices are just a few of the new technologies that we’ve become accustomed to in order to make daily life faster, more convenient, and, easier. And with the rise of last year’s key trend - "wearable technology" – the convenience factor is set to explode. But how are these trends impacting process excellence and business Full Podcast »
Contributor: Ian Gotts
Posted: 07/26/2016
Ian Gotts
“We wanted flying cars and got 140 character tweets”When people predict the future they always look at the technology and try and guess what it will look like.  But if we are looking at the future of Operational Excellence we need to look at what companies will be like – their business models, their resourcing approach, their customer base.  And Full Column »
Posted: 08/30/2016
IBM - wp
The purpose of this report is to provide business leaders a perspective of the emerging data economy and how to drive value through data monetization. Data, specifically Internet of Things (IoT) data, has become a strategic asset that can be sold and exchanged. Determining how to evaluate the potential uses of different types of data is complex and Full Whitepaper »