Business Transformation
Contributor: Nathalie M. Khodr
Posted: 02/21/2017
Nathalie Khodr
Diana Krohn is the Principal Enterprise Architect at United Airlines. At the OPEX Week 2017: Business Transformation World Summit (organized by the PEX Network), she shared how United Airlines is “Using Business Architecture to Enable Transformational Initiatives”. Here is a brief summary of the highlights from her presentation. Full Article »
Contributor: Roop Singh
Posted: 02/21/2017
Roop Singh
Roop Singh, Business Transformation Architect, SecureWorks shares the highlights from his hugely successful OPEX Week workshop: Aligning strategy with operations through process excellence to drive innovation. In this recent interview he speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network, about how we can better blend together the idea of traditional improvement with exciting innovation and why we are witnessing the rise of the transformational architect. Full Video »
Posted: 02/27/2014
Advances in computing technology are driving rapid changes in every industry from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. But now, even the hardware that used to keep the lights on is being transformed into software – running instead in virtual environments – and IT has no longer become the barrier to process automation that it once was Full Podcast »
Contributor: Ian Gotts
Posted: 02/20/2017
Ian Gotts
This in an excerpt from my recent free ebook "Analysis, Automation and Adoption for #AwesomeAdmins"(44 pages of valuable content - not 6 pages of marketing fluff). It is written with Salesforce implementations in mind, but it is equally applicable to any other systems implementation; MSDynamics, SAP, Workday, Oracle etc or in fact any change initiative. Full Column »
Posted: 02/13/2017
K2 White Paper
Learn more about empowering your organization to keep up with the quickly changing market and how K2’s low-code, agile BPM platform as helped companies across all industries transform their business. Full Whitepaper »