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Business Transformation
Contributor: PEX Network Events
Posted: 11/07/2016
PEX Network Events
In this exclusive interview Roop Singh, Business Transformation Architect, SecureWorks and OPEX Week Advisory Board Member shares his insights on process excellence as a medium to operational excellence, technological shifts in the industry and driving new business models. Full Video »
Posted: 02/27/2014
Advances in computing technology are driving rapid changes in every industry from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. But now, even the hardware that used to keep the lights on is being transformed into software – running instead in virtual environments – and IT has no longer become the barrier to process automation that it once was Full Podcast »
Contributor: Jeff Cole
Posted: 01/12/2017
Jeff Cole
If you want to understand the power of emotions driving action, look no further than the stock market. Some authors say that three emotions drive short-term market movements - Greed, Fear, and Uncertainty. Full Column »
Contributor: Andrea Charles
Posted: 01/12/2017
Andrea Charles
The bar will be set higher for achieving operational excellence in 2017. As organizations face global uncertainty, increased regulatory scrutiny and cost pressures, leveraging operational excellence is essential to remain competitive.

For the leaders that able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, differentiate their process and adopt emerging technologies, whilst keeping a customer-centric approach, new opportunities and profitability await in 2017. Full Whitepaper »