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Business Transformation
Contributor: Matthew Morgan
Posted: 09/22/2016
Matthew Morgan
Metrics are a popular, and sometimes controversial, topic. Business architecture and transformation professionals can serve their organizations by thinking through the relevant issues with respect to metrics. Ultimately, effective metrics – like other parts of a business – depend on an effective process: (1) plan for measurement, (2) collect data, (3) analyze the data, and (4) report findings. Understanding that process, particularly the first step, will help transformation professionals to build executive engagement and sponsorship to advance the maturity and capability. Full Article »
Posted: 02/27/2014
Advances in computing technology are driving rapid changes in every industry from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. But now, even the hardware that used to keep the lights on is being transformed into software – running instead in virtual environments – and IT has no longer become the barrier to process automation that it once was Full Podcast »
Contributor: Jeff Cole
Posted: 09/08/2016
Jeff Cole
You and your team have slaved through a grueling several months designing a process improvement. It’s now Monday morning, time to start a rollout. How the heck are you going to get everyone to begin following the new process rules?    Granted, it’s a little late in the timeline to just now be thinking about that, but don’t worry, there are a Full Column »
Contributor: PEX Network Staff
Posted: 08/31/2016
PEX Network Staff
Cloud Computing has changed the way senior management teams are approaching technology. Businesses do recognise the threat of more innovative competitors and understand the importance of the rapid development of new business applications and services.But they must now put that knowledge into practice. Cloud technology provides the opportunity to un Full Whitepaper »