OPEX Week Europe 2020 Blog

4 Must-Read Books on Digital Transformation

These paper-backed publications offer a wealth of actionable knowledge for taking your businesses digital transformation to the next level.

3 Tips for Using Data During the Operational Excellence Process ft. Serco

Here, Paul White, Operational Excellence (OE) Director at Serco, shares three Tips for using data during the Operational Excellence process.

3 Building Blocks for Continuous Improvement ft. LEGO

A snapshot of the insight shared by Peter Evans, LEGO’s Director of Continuous Improvement in Business Service Operations in the lead up to OPEX & Business Transformation Europe.

Key findings from our 2019 Benchmarking Report

Here are some of the key findings from our 2019 Benchmarking Report alongside insight and commentary from the PEX Network.

OPEX Top 10 Transformational BS (Bogus Statements): People don’t like Change

Check out the latest installment of OPEX Top 10 Transformational BS (Bogus Statements) People don’t like Change -  this statement has been around for quite some time and is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

OPEX & The Business Unit: A Perfect Pairing?

We explore some of the key statistics from our recent benchmarking report that demonstrate the much needed collaboration between OPEX and the business units to achieve a successful transformation.

The Future is Digital: Key Stats on the Path to Transformation

We explore the numbers behind how and why businesses are (and are not) implementing digital solutions in the pursuit of operational excellence.

OPEX Top 10 Transformational BS (Bogus Statements): PMO-Driven Programs

Anthony Shingleton, VP Business Development EMEA at Simpler Consulting (an IBM company) shares why PMO-driven programs fail to deliver the desired result of long lasting change.

OPEX Top 10 Transformational BS (Bogus Statements): Outsourcing

Anthony Shingleton, VP Business Development EMEA at Simpler Consulting (an IBM company) shares why outsourcing isn't always the 'silver bullet' that businesses hope it will be.

What Can Legacy Companies Learn From Start-Ups?

Redefining the way that organisations are operated and how consumers interact with them, the thriving entrepreneurial start-up culture that we live in today can not be overlooked.

OPEX in Action: Adapting for Cultural Differences ft. Pedro Hernandez, Eni

Pedro Hernandez is a Worldwide Operational Excellence Senior Advisor at Eni. Here, he shares some insight into his work at Eni and explains his methods for overcoming cultural differences when teaching OPEX principles across a global company.

4 Essential Factors to Succeed with Operational Excellence in the future ft. Anish Hindocha, Visa


Anish Hindocha is the Lead Operational Excellence Consultant Visa. Here, Anish shares four factors that he believes are essential for meeting the needs of operational excellence in the future.

OPEX Top 10 Transformational BS (Bogus Statements): Change Fatigue

Anthony Shingleton, VP Business Development EMEA at Simpler Consulting (an IBM company) explores one of the many OPEX 'urban legends': the myth of the change fatigue curse.

Digital Transformation Through Process Improvement

What digital transformation looks like will greatly vary for every company. However, in order to start this transition, it is important to first know why it is needed in your company, and where.

From Fancy Claims to Hard Reality

Business Transformation and OPEX Executive Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis explores the patterns that emerge during OPEX deployments and offers advice for ensuring that reality meets expectation.

Operational Excellence is not Something New

There is a lot of content exploring OPEX and its companion disciplines – but Operational Excellence Society founder Joseph F. Paris Jr. argues that these concepts aren't as “new” as some would have you believe.

An Open Letter to OPEX and Business Transformation Leaders

In 2020, business transformations that are more holistic, more disciplined and enterprise-wide tend to be the most successful. Are you geared up for change?