07 - 09 October, 2019 | Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands

OPEX & Business Transformation Europe Blog

From Fancy Claims to Hard Reality

Business Transformation and OPEX Executive Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis explores the patterns that emerge during OPEX deployments and offers advice for ensuring that reality meets expectation.

Operational Excellence is not Something New

There is a lot of content exploring OPEX and its companion disciplines – but Operational Excellence Society founder Joseph F. Paris Jr. argues that these concepts aren't as “new” as some would have you believe.

An Open Letter to OPEX and Business Transformation Leaders

In 2019, business transformations that are more holistic, more disciplined and enterprise-wide tend to be the most successful. Are you geared up for change?

Speed Leadership for the Digital Age

Lean Leadership expert Dr. Bob Emiliani provides the groundwork for those seeking to shape an image of leadership that aligns with the needs and demands of the digital age.