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OPEX & Business Transformation Europe Brochure now available! 

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Dear Boss Letter

Use this customisable template in order to write a convincing letter to your manager and ensure that your request to attend OPEX & Business Transformation Europe gets approved.

Attendee ROI Toolkit

Your one-stop-shop for justifying your attendance to OPEX & Business Transformation Europe 2019. Packet includes benefits of attending, attendee snapshot, dear boss letter and registration form

OPEX & Business Transformation Europe 2019 Show Report

We've put together an exclusive Show Report which summarises key takeaways, audience profiles and Early Bird discount applications for 2020!

Who is attending OPEX & Business Transformation Europe 2019?

Have a look at who is attending the 2019 edition of Europe’s leading OPEX forum focusing on the alignment of strategy with operational excellence in Amsterdam this October!

Best Reports for European OPEX Leaders

Data: Operational Excellence’s Driving Force

Paul is a member of the advisory board for OPEX & Business Transformation Europe, and on Tuesday 8th of October 2019 he will participate in a panel discussion to evaluate the importance of data analytics within core business strategy. We spoke to Paul about his career, how he has utilised...

The Building Blocks For Continuous Improvement with LEGO

Over the past 15 years, LEGO has achieved what has come to be appreciated as the greatest U-turn in corporate history. In 2004 the Danish-born company was drowning in $800m of debt and was being hit by a 30% loss in sales year-on-year.Despite being arguably the most recognizable toy brand...

OPEX & The Business Unit: A Perfect Pairing?

It is becoming increasingly clear that enterprise-wide collaboration is a critical ingredient for success. With insight from Katie McConochie, Senior Director of Process & Change at Inmarsat and our research from our recent benchmarking report, this new interactive content piece explores:Why 90% of OPEX leaders believe business units should have...

2019: The Year of Business Transformation

The tricky aspect of transformation is that it has to happen in plain view and the margins for error are tight. Unlike a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, most businesses can’t afford to disappear for a few weeks while the metamorphosis takes place. There is also the perceived risk of...

Exclusive Digital Magazine - The Only Constant is Change

Take a five minute break from your work and enjoy a glimpse into what to expect from #OPEXEurope19 in your exclusive The Only Constant is Change Magazine

Using Technology to Aid Operational Excellence

PEX Network spoke with Gino d’Hont from innogy SE to see how RPA and Process Mining are impacting business processes at innogy SE and how they have utilised these tools to overcome the challenges of wider transformation.

Understand the Culture of the Business You're In with Uber and LEGO

What is the better way of structuring your organisation? Do you ensure that all processes, policies and communications come from one place in a centralised model – and risk missing a trick in a local market? Or do you let each region operate autonomously – and risk huge differences in...

10 Success Factors That Drive Process Excellence

Process Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. The output of any system will tend to be informed by the quality of the foundations laid and the instructions followed. There is no recipe for success, but there is a formula for giving you the best chance.

The Future is Digital

In the lead up to OPEX and Business Transformation Europe 2019, we explore the numbers behind how and why businesses are (and are not) implementing digital solutions in the pursuit of operational excellence.Read 'The Future is Digital' now to discover:The biggest expected benefits of AI in Manufacturing over the next...

The Business Transformation Failure Playbook

There are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. Shouldn’t this playbook be focusing on success? However the study of failure can truly enable us to understand how to avoid it.Read the full playbook “The Business Transformation Failure Playbook” to find out what can jeopardise your business transformation and...

2019 World-Class Content

Logistics Automation and Service Processes

Case Study by our sponsor, Comidor

Lead the Change

What does it truly take to drive process excellence in a commercial organization? With commentary from Xavier Fenard, Head of Process Management at world leading steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Products, we summarise a decade’s worth of first-hand knowledge on the successful enhancement of organisational performance.Uncover this exclusive guide to...

Automation and Digitisation: Laying the successful foundation for process excellence

Discover how to:Embrace process excellence by setting yourself up with automation and digitalisationConceptualising and delivering the digital transformation and robotic automation agenda for Barclaycard back office operations – portfolio of c. £13m of strategic investment secured in 2017Successfully deliver an in-year cost benefit of £5.1million against a target of £4.5...

Speak the Language of Next Generation Leaders

How can leaders establish a culture of continuous improvement to drive change, innovation and sustainability in their organisations?>> Discover the key to being a world-class leader

Exclusive Podcasts with Industry Leaders

The LEGO Philosophy - A Podcast with Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director

Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director joins us and lays out the Lego Philosophy: "I think we have a mission, which is to create the builders of tomorrow. We mean that absolutely. So it's something that's ingrained in us, which is that; A toy is one of the most important...

Identify best practice, align best practice and build on best practices - A Podcast with Uber

Global Head of Process Excellence at Uber, Martin Rowlson joins us from PEX Europe where he shares that the region comprises 20% of the volume for the organization but 70% of the complexity. Based on the pace of change within the industry and the rate of growth at his organization,...

Ensuring Process Excellence During Traditional Cycles - A Podcast with Nigel Leppitt, Allianz

Nigel Leppitt, Global Head of Organisation and Business Transformation at Allianz joins us and shares that it's tough to ensure process excellence during traditional cycles. But Nigel has been tasked with doing so in a completely new business model and returning the business to profit. With cost considerations being hyper-sensitive,...

The People, The Culture and The Structure - A Podcast with COO at Transavia

Recorded at PEX Europe, Transavia COO, Petra De Ruiter talks about how the company has been in business for 50 years due to their focus on Customer Experience and Operational Excellence. While Petra and her team have utilized traditional Process Excellence methodologies, they were interested in structural improvements which would...

How a Business Actually Works - A Podcast with COO at Naked Wines

Laura (Evans) Rosenberger, COO at Naked Wines UK on the organization's take on process excellence. In less than 3 years Laura has gone from Head of Continuous Improvement to COO and in this podcast Laura discusses her roles. From financial planning and analysis, being involved in budgeting, forecasting, measuring the...

Modernizing your Customer Service Operations - A Podcast with Transport for London

Simon Williams, Senior Software Developer at Transport for London on modernizing TfL's Customer Service Operations in Stations, and how Technology applies to their Train Service, Maintenance and Employment Practices. Simon is also looking at centralizing some of TfL's facilities.