4 Must-Read Books on Digital Transformation

While the concept of seeking expertise on digital transformation via print media may seem ironic, these paper-backed publications offer a wealth of actionable knowledge for taking your businesses digital transformation to the next level.

The Design Thinking Playbook

Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link and Larry Leifer

Unpicking the faults of the status quo, The Design Thinking Playbook the current mind-set of business transformation into question and offers alternative tools and frameworks adept for a more innovative future. Co-authored by Deloitte Switzerland’s Head of Innovation Labs, this practical guide is all about taking an approach that champions a strong user orientation, fast iterations and multidisciplinary teams. The books application spans a variety of industries and will be of value for those seeking to further their knowledge on how to apply Design Thinking, Big Data Analytics and Lean Startup methodologies.

Digital Transformation

Lindsay Herbert

Credited as creating as the ‘Quora’ of digital transformation, Lindsay Herbert uses pages of this straight-forwardly titled book to outline and answer the most essential questions that arise throughout the change journey. As the leader of IBM’s business design consultancy iX Innovation, Lindsay breaks down a wealth of knowledge to provide digestible answers to four key questions: where to start, how to get the right resources, how should they be implemented and what data should be measured. At the crux of this read is an explicit understanding that digital transformation is about becoming more adaptive to change itself. 

An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organisation

Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey 

Inviting leaders to look beyond programs for ‘high-potentials’, executive coaching workshops or annual off-sites, An Anyone Culture explains how and why employee development should be woven into the fabric of everyday life. In the age of disruption, the skills and talents of a business’ workforce are of the most critical factors of a successful transformation. This actionable handbook explains just why every employee needs to be brought into the development process and provides insight into how three leading companies have made it a reality. For the authors, in order for an organisation to prosper, they should seek to become more deeply aligned with people’s strongest motive: personal growth. 

Dual Transformation

Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert and Mark W. Johnson

In Dual Transformation, success comes not just from keeping up with disruption, but in taking it by the reigns. Building on lessons offered by the likes of Adobe and Netflix, this insightful guide explains why a changing environment should be perceived and an opportunity to create, well, more opportunities. Identifying two possible routes of transformation, the authors illustrate how leaders can reposition their businesses to a) maximize resilience and b) create a new growth engine. The book also does due diligence in addressing how leaders can embrace the characteristics that this journey requires, with courage, clarity, curiosity and conviction taking centre stage.

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