In 2020, business transformations that are more holistic, more disciplined and enterprise-wide tend to be the most successful. Are you geared up for change?

An Open Letter to OPEX and Business Transformation Leaders

Whether its disruption from regulation, political change or global warming, there has always been and will always will be change. In fact it is the only constant that businesses can rely on. In 2020, one of the greatest transformations is how businesses address this, with fast change being the new change management.

It is absolutely imperative to maintain pace in this customer-obsessed, data-driven world and, as such, all members of the value chain have a role to play. Business leaders need to rethink how they create value both today and in the future where incremental improvements are no longer enough. This puts pressure on business functions to deliver better and faster results to the bottom line as well as OPEX to support the business needs by identifying and improving processes quickly and accurately enough to deliver results.

Transformations that are more holistic, more disciplined and enterprise-wide tend to be the most successful, so we ask you - are you geared up for change and how fast can you achieve a true business transformation?

From the 28th to the 30th of September 2020, in Amsterdam, the 5th annual OPEX Europe will unite 165 guests and 100 expert speakers. Here, they will be offered an incomparable opportunity to discuss the formula to create agile businesses geared for growth in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Last year’s sold-out event welcomed the likes of Lego, Uber and Twitter to lead the all-star line-up of use cases and interactive sessions for Europe’s foremost business leaders. This year, we intend to provide a knowledge showcase, bigger and bolder than ever.

We invite you to join us for three days of learning, networking and entertainment in the heart of Europe. This is your opportunity to uncover how you can expand your OPEX and business transformation universe to engage all members of the value chain to achieve true success – are you ready to take it?