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[Survey] Create a Process-Driven Digital Enterprise

Contributor: PEX Network Staff
Posted: 09/24/2014
[Survey] Create a Process-Driven Digital Enterprise
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PEX Network and Appian have launched an industry survey aiming to establish the current technological uses within process excellence and the future technological plans for this key growth area.

Transforming the business into a digital enterprise is a journey that requires the right executive sponsorships, skilled resources, processes and technologies. Today’s complex and fast-changing business environments need a fresh, innovative approach to solve the toughest business, IT and process challenges. But how are companies creating a process-driven digital enterprise and what are the key success factors for doing it well?

The survey is open until Wednesday October 1st. Findings will be presented following this. You can take part in the survey here.

Thank you, for your interest in [Survey] Create a Process-Driven Digital Enterprise.
PEX Network Staff
Contributor: PEX Network Staff