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We Have a Bewildering Array of Improvement Tools - Why Aren't We Getting Any Better?

Hosted By :  Diana Davis
February 24, 2012
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Tags : Nigel Clements | The Deming Forum | PEX Week Europe | Speaker interview | Innovation

About this Podcast...

Lessons from Deming for the 21st Century

The world of business contains a bewildering array of approaches to process improvement and process management. But sometimes if can seem like we’re having hardly any affect on business operations.  So how can we improve the business of improvement? 

In this Process Perspectives podcast, Nigel Clements, an advisor with UK-based non-profit Deming Forum (an organisation which provides information and development opportunities on W. Edward Deming’s methods) explains where he think process improvement efforts often go wrong, argues the case for a holistic, systems-wide approach and explains how he thinks Deming’s work holds important lessons for businesses in the 21st century.

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