Process Perspectives

Business Process Management (BPM) needs to go "Moneyball"

Hosted By: Diana Davis
Tags : Forrester Research | Craig Le Clair | metrics | BPM metrics | customer experience | business agility | quality | efficiency | value streams | PEX Network survey | Business Process Management (BPM) | Process Management

About this Podcast...

Designing metrics that matter

Business is in the habit of collecting all kinds of data on everything from quality through to effiiency. But in today's ultra-competitive environment how much of that data is really telling companies the one question they really need to know: how am I actually doing? Unfortunately, according to the guest in this Process Perspectives podcast, the answer is that many companies are measuring what's easy to measure rather than what actually counts. Craig Le Clair, an analyst with Forrester Research, has been doing research into this area and joins the program to give us insight into what his research has found, why current BPM metrics are inadequate to deal with the new realities of business in the digital era, and offers some suggestion

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