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Access the latest BPM resources: Learn how to set performance metrics and improve your business processes for effective process management and sustained process improvement results. Business Process Management and some aspects of related areas such SOA and Enterprise Architecture are covered in this section.

Don’t Shrink - Rethink

Contributor: Jolanta Pilecka
Posted: 4/14/2015

Don’t Shrink - Rethink - Jolanta Pilecka

Because when it comes to reengineering business processes, you just can’t put lipstick on a pig. Full Article »

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[VIDEO] PEX Week Europe 2015 Highlights

Posted: 5/21/2015

[VIDEO] PEX Week Europe 2015 Highlights -
PEX Week Europe saw some of the world’s top decision makers and doers in process excellence meet in London to collaborate on the direction of the industry, share best practice, and discover new concepts for business success. Full Video »

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Bringing data and process together - the future of process excellence: Interview with K2's Rob Speck - Diana Davis

In PEX Network's latest survey on technology investment plans of process professionals, Big Data and analytics has emerged as the number one investment area in the year ahead. Full Podcast »

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The Next Step In Optimization – Iteration Focusing! Part II - Dan Morris

Leading on from the first instalment of this two-part blog on the future of optimization, PEX Network Columnist Dan Morris continues to highlight the key advances in BPM through new design and analytic and Full Column »

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