OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2021 Blog

Why democratizing AI ushers in a new era for business by Automation Hero

Brought to you by Automation Hero - what does it take to democratize an area that’s long been viewed as an impenetrable fortress of complex math, lengthy acronyms, and space-age jargon? 

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is an approach whereby leaders drive change by encouraging, inspiring and motivating employees to help shape the future success of the organization. Read to uncover its key principles.

Strategic Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by i-nexus

Written by James Davies, Executive Vice President of Product at i-nexus. Discover how focusing on strategy execution can help businesses harness disruptive technologies and seize competitive advantage during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

3 Tips for Ensuring your Automation Journey Succeeds from the Get-Go

OPEX Week World Summit 2020 Speaker Mike Lamendola, Director of Operational Excellence and eProcess Solutions at Covance shares his advice for ensuring that your automation journey achieves success on the first try.

How to Create Thought Diversity in your Organization

With insight from Erika Westbay, Best Friends Animal Society, and Ed Jervis, Seco, we share actionable steps to making Diversity of Thought a reality in your own organization.

Data Driven Transformation? by Connected Insight

The question mark is intentional. Many companies and transformation programs believe they are data-driven. But does using the equivalent of a compass count? Explore 5 tips on data-driven transformation from OPEX Week 2020 sponsor, Connected Insight.

Insights on a Holistic Approach to Business Transformation

We take a look at some of the key points made throughout our interviews with these expert operational excellence experts Leslie Behnke (HALO Branded Solutions), David Hadd (Webster Bank) and Loren Bishop (State Street).

What are the Five Stages of Design Thinking?

Over the past decade, Design Thinking has gained increasing prominence in the corporate world. Here, we explore the five stages of the methodology: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

The Data Behind Data-Driven Transformation

We look at the statistics that provide insight into current perceptions on the application of data & analytics’ on the path to operational excellence and business transformation. 

3 Ways to Develop Data Literacy and Drive a Successful Business Transformation

In order to derive true value from data, employees must first develop the skills to understand and analyze it. Here are three steps to creating company-wide data competency.

Demystifying the Role of Transformation by David H. Campos

By: David H. Campos, MBA, MS Eng

In this blog post, David H. Campos, MBA, MS Eng, demystifies the role of the Chief Transformation Officer and demonstrates why transformation doesn't have to be scary.

Three Major Questions about the use of Technology in Operational Excellence

Based upon the survey results of The Annual PEX Report 2018, three major questions arose about the use of technology in operational excellence and how that is going to impact the future of business. Our questions touch upon the influence of technology in the workplace, where humans fit into the equation and how to plan ahead for the future.

A Quick Fire Interview with 3 OPEX Awards Judges

Ahead of the 2020 Global OPEX Awards we fired some quick questions at three of the judges, Alisha Kale, Sanjay Gupta and Sachin Ahuja. Read on for exclusive insights into the awards and the judges themselves. 

My 3 Gold Nuggets from Conferences by Wilmer Pereira, Salesforce

By: Wilmer Pereira

Wilmer Pereira is the Senior Manager of Process Innovation for customer success platform Salesforce where he is leading and managing Operation Excellence project portfolios to accomplish measurable business improvements. Here, he shares his final thoughts on attending OPEX Week 2019.

Process Mining - Have We Found Gold? by Wilmer Pereira, Salesforce

By: Wilmer Pereira

Wilmer Pereira is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with more than 15 years of experience in process improvement. Here, he shares how his attendance at last year's edition of OPEX Week provided him with some much needed for thought regarding the application of process mining.

How to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

In a time of great disruption, businesses must create a culture that encourages the ongoing enhancement of its products, processes and ways of working. Peter Evans, LEGO’s Director of Continuous Improvement in Business Service Operations, uncovers the three foundational building blocks to making this culture a reality. 

Putting Customers at the Heart of Transformation

Business has always needed customers, but today they are impacting organizations more than ever before. To find out how and why customers should be put at the heart of process transformation, we spoke to Debashis Sarkar, the current managing partner of boutique consulting firm Proliferator Advisory & Consulting and internationally recognized name in customer-centricity and lean management.

Three Vital Steps towards making your Solution Successful

As companies work towards achieving operational excellence, many have begun to combine traditional business methodologies in order to find the perfect approach. Combining Lean Six Sigma with methodologies such as Agile or Design Thinking is still a questionable approach for many but we spoke to business leaders, Mesbah Haque (former J.P Morgan) and Michael Stober (Citizens Bank), who have achieved incredible results through combining business methodologies.

Six Steps for a Successful Digital Transformation

There is a lot of excitement surrounding digital transformation. Many organizations run with it without considering the value behind the transformation and considering just what the process involves. Independent management consultant and thought leader Mark Etwaru shares the steps that can ensure the change is a success.

Three Essential Elements of Leadership in Business Transformation

There are many different theories as to what makes a perfect leader, but everybody can agree that leadership is a vital trait in ensuring process excellence through business transformation. The process of change can be complex and overwhelming and a leader is expected to hold a level of responsibility. Here are the elements of leadership that are essential to ensuring ease and success.