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2020 Sponsors

Website: www.blueprism.com

Blue Prism delivers the world’s most successful digital workforce. Its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software operates within the most demanding enterprise administrative environments to automate high-risk, manual, rules-based and repetitive tasks and radically improves agility, efficiency, accuracy and compliance. Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed... Read More

Brightline Initiative
Website: www.brightline.org

Brightline™ is a Project Management Institute (PMI) initiative together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery. Brightline delivers insights and solutions that empower leaders to successfully transform their organization’s vision into reality through strategic initiative management. Read More

Website: www.businessoptix.com

At BusinessOptix, we help organizations Control Today, Navigate Tomorrow™ to achieve the next level of customer and operational excellence. Our cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of global firms to capture and redefine business operating models, accelerate transformations across the enterprise, improve operational efficiencies and streamline go-to-market processes.Built for business... Read More

Website: www.capsifi.com

Capsifi provides a cloud based platform for intelligent business transformation. We achieve this by creating a dynamic and reusable business model that becomes a core strategic asset that incrementally evolves with the business. A Capsifi business model helps de-risk complex change initiatives, and insulates the business from the upheaval of ongoing... Read More

Website: www.celonis.com

Celonis (www.celonis.com) is the New York- and Munich-based leader in business transformation software,  turning process insights into action with the process mining technology it pioneered. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M,... Read More

Website: www.clarasys.com

Clarasys is a fresh and exciting consultancy with over 100 consultants working across a range of industries including financial services, public sector, healthcare, telco, professional services, events and information services.  We are a dynamic and refreshingly pragmatic customer-focused consultancy solving our clients’ customer pains at the pace their businesses demand. ... Read More

CMMI Institute
Website: www.cmmiinstitute.com

CMMI Institute is the global leader in the advancement of best practices in people, process, and technology. The Institute provides the tools and support for organizations to benchmark their capabilities and build maturity by comparing their operations to best practices and identifying performance gaps. For over 25 years, thousands of... Read More

Website: www.edgedweller.net

EdgeDweller’s Intentional Innovation® process puts transformational solutions at the fingertips of organizations seeking above average industry growth and performance.  Informed by our experience in 25+ industries, 175+ brands in for-profit, non-profit and government sectors, we put analytical frameworks around high levels of creativity to make disruptive solutions safer, smarter and... Read More

Website: www.edgeverve.com

EdgeVerve Systems Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys Limited. We help global corporations sense, influence, fulfil and serve the needs of digital consumers and leverage the potential of their business ecosystems. We define, develop and operate innovative cloud hosted business platforms and software products. We offer these to... Read More

Website: www.i-nexus.com

i-nexus is the leading provider of strategy execution, operational excellence and business transformation software. We help Global 5000 organizations create a business system that works and align strategy with execution in order to achieve goals faster, with less effort and lower operational cost. Today over 50,000 people use i-nexus to globally... Read More

IBA Group
Website: www.ibagroupit.com

IBA Group has been a service and integration provider for IBM (Mainframe zOS/AS400, DWH, ETL, Watson, Analytics, BI and Cloud), SAP, Oracle and other vendors for 25 years.We are 2,700 + developers and consultants serving global companies, and startups from Banking, Insurance, IT, Telecom, Transportation and other domains.IBA Group established... Read More

Website: www.igrafx.com

iGrafx process management and analysis solutions empower organizations to achieve maximum performance. iGrafx captures and communicates the alignment of strategy, people, processes and technology, and unites the entire organization around delivering business value. iGrafx delivers strategic and operational decision support to enable our customers to become and remain world class... Read More

Website: www.ipxhq.com

Founded on our "CMII" certification program in 1986, IpX remains the global industry standard for enterprise configuration and change management. We take pride in facilitating positive lasting change and transformation for over 1800 global companies using CM2, proven business optimization strategies and operational excellence training. Our CM2 business methodology is... Read More

Website: www.Microsoft.com

At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.  Enterprise business solutions and software products such as Microsoft Visio help individuals, team, and organizations prioritize investments, better manage resources, and gain control across all types of work, from simple tasks to complex projects... Read More

Website: www.minitab.com

Minitab delivers versatile, market-leading statistical analysis and process improvement tools that enables organizations to uncover insights, create visualizations and foster data-driven decision making. Minitab empowers everyone in an organization, regardless of statistics background, to have access to advanced analysis with the most trusted tools. Minitab® Statistical Software, Quality Trainer by... Read More

Website: www.moresteam.com

MoreSteam provides training and technology to help organizations build operational excellence in everything they do. We recognize no single roadmap solves all problems.   Therefore, our training, analytical tools, and project management systems address a broad set of continuous improvement methodologies.  We integrate Lean Methods, Lean Six Sigma, Agile Process Design,... Read More

Website: www.nividous.com

Nividous is a global software development and consulting company specializing in delivering digital process automation solutions that require deep technology knowledge, process proficiency and domain expertise. A unique approach to delivery that draws heavily on product development expertise differentiates Nividous from other companies offering similar services. This approach, which embraces... Read More

Optimize Consulting, Inc.
Website: optimize-consulting.biz

Optimize Consulting is an organizational improvement firm specializing in providing optimized strategy execution in the Federal and Commercial markets worldwide. Optimize's award-winning approach is based on the "Organizational Optimization" framework and has made an impact of over $3B in value to our clients. Organizational Optimization enables your organization to achieve... Read More

Opus Works
Website: www.opusworks.com

OpusWorks® (formerly The Quality Group) provides Operational Excellence blended e-Learning (Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, Leadership) to get everyone on the same page prior to classes, team meetings and events. With OpusWorks, customers standardize OpEx knowledge transfer, propel sustainable culture change, and increase ROI. OpusWorks® e-Modules engage and inspire adult... Read More

Partners in Leadership
Website: www.partnersinleadership.com

Partners In Leadership guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs®, and solving Accountability Gaps. With our network of experts around the world and #1 award-winning content, our firm has helped clients for nearly three decades achieve their mission by dramatically boosting employee engagement, inspiring innovation, improving cross-collaboration, developing... Read More

Website: www.signavio.com

Signavio is a leading BPM software solution provider helping organizations achieve operational excellence through Business Process Management (BPMN) 2.0 web-based modeling, analysis, automation and process optimization. The Signavio Process Manager’s support of DMN 1.1 enables you to model and analyze your business decisions within process models for better efficiency and... Read More

Website: www.stereologic.com

StereoLOGIC is a Toronto-based Operational Intelligence company that changes the way companies analyze, improve and control their business operations. StereoLOGIC’s Process Analytics TM allows operational managers to solve most complex analysis tasks that traditionally are performed manually, such as Customer Service Acceleration and Operating Cost Savings. StereoLOGIC saves companies up to... Read More

Website: www.trackvia.com

TrackVia’s next generation workflow management solution delivers the world’s fastest speed to solution, helping companies gain immediate control and visibility over their operations and field work. A true low-code solution, TrackVia is fully configurable with drag-and-drop and includes a modern native mobile app with no additional development. Companies can use... Read More

Website: www.uipath.com

Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company is at the forefront of the digital business revolution achieving over 600% yearly revenue growth since 2015. A global community exceeding 30,000 users and over 450 enterprise customers and government agencies... Read More

Website: www.workato.com

Workato, an iPaaS leader trusted by over 21,000 organizations, is the only platform for intelligent automations providing process automation, enterprise integration, and a citizen experience, enabling business users and IT to collaborate to build, operate and rollout automations without compromising security and governance. The world’s top brands run on Workato... Read More