Three Major Questions about the use of Technology in Operational Excellence

Based upon the survey results of The Annual PEX Report 2018, three major questions arose about the use of technology in operational excellence and how that is going to impact the future of business. We have given our own answers to these fundamental questions, concluding that technology will continue to have a huge impact on business but we don’t have to wait until the future to tackle technology, changes can be made now. Our questions touch upon the influence of technology in the workplace, where humans fit into the equation and how to plan ahead for the future.

What is technology doing to the workplace?

Technology is having a significant impact on our places of work. Organizations that avoid technology are going to find themselves quickly overtaken by those who are making use of the tools available. The ones that are making the best use of the tools are going to be leading that pack. The advantages of agility and innovative use of technology mean that even the largest businesses of all have vulnerabilities. Complacency is not an option.

Where do the humans fit in?

The idea that Artificial Intelligence is pushing human beings out of the picture is entirely false. Time after time robotic tools have continually delivered on speed, accuracy and effectiveness and have little to no impact on the overall employee headcount. Humans are necessary to make cognitive decisions, and while there are humans within an organization, leadership will remain a human activity. People can’t be reprogrammed as easily as machines and old rules of leadership, such as integrity, vision and imagination, are not something that can currently be handed over to a robot. Technology simply offers new opportunities in the business environment.

What are we going to need for the future?

Future success depends upon the groundwork being laid by businesses now. One of the clear signals from this research is that a greater understanding of technology is the key to better business performance. Technology is transformative, and issues like Blockchain, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are fundamentally changing the way businesses compete and collaborate. These tools have already significantly changed the general culture of business, with numerous Millennials working their way into boardrooms around the world, with the next generation hot on their heels.

An understanding of both technology and ourselves is going to put businesses at a major advantage in the future. However, we’re always being told that the future is exciting but we think the present is pretty exciting too. We’re smart to think about building the future today, but we are sure there are opportunities and discoveries waiting to be had today.

To find out how industry and thought leaders tackled the issues touched upon in these three major questions, read the full The Annual PEX Report 2018 which includes in-depth features and case-studies from numerous contributors. Follow this link to download the entire report.