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HSBC Australia CIO Ben Tabell speaks about operational excellence

In this interview by Open Orbit, Ben Tabell, CIO at HSBC explores the organisation's OPEX journey to date and the core areas they will be focusing on in the coming months to further drive agility, efficiency and customer-centric transformation.

According to the Experts: Understanding How Effectively Deployed Operational Excellence Initiatives are Helping Overcome Emerging Challenges and Drive Business Growth

The concept of operational excellence, and an understanding of its transformative powers, is not new to Australian businesses though. For decades, operational excellence has been recognised as a key way to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

But in 2019, the rapid pace of change, evolving customer expectations and the emergence of new technologies is driving extraordinary shifts in the scope, value and capability of operational excellence programs across Australia.

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia 2019, we take a look at how emerging operational excellence initiatives are helping overcome mounting challenges and bridge the gap between customer expectations and business capabilities. We explore these initiatives through OPEX transformations from four different sectors; Transport, Utilities, BFSI and Media.   

How Walmart is Driving Profits and Operational Excellence with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia 2019 we chat with Prakhar Mehrotra, Senior Director of Machine Learning at Walmart, USA. Prakhar, who was previously Head of Data Science at Uber as well as Senior Data Scientist at Twitter, explores how Walmart is harnessing AI and data analytics to drive profits and customer experience. 

The Operational Transformation Debate: People Vs. Processes?

Crucial to any operational transformation  is a balance between processes that bring efficiency and the people that enable them. So then, the question on every CEO’s lips in today’s digital age – what is more important - people, or process?

Should we be more focused on the ‘right’ talent acquisition and development, or on putting new processes in place to speed up our operations and then developing those? What truly has an impact on whether your organisation is successful and accomplishes breakthrough innovation success?

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia 2019 we explore these questions in detail, with the aim of unearthing whether people, or process should be your priority. 

The Global Content Wrap: OPEX Insights from Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA

Ahead of OPEX Week Australia we take a look at some of the best content pieces from our sister events around the globe.

Sharing insights from Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA, this content wrap report aims to give you insights into the operational excellence best practice strategies from around the globe.

Download to read insights from:

  • Uber
  • LEGO
  • Rio Tino
  • The National Health Scheme
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