Prakhar Mehrota

Senior Director of Machine Learning Walmart

Conference Day One: Monday 19 October 2020

10:20 AM Case Study: Using Data Science to Make Better, Long Term Decisions: A Cross-Industry Approach Between Walmart, Uber and Twitter

Prakhar Mehrotra, Senior Director of Machine Learning at Walmart, will deliver a case study on his work at Walmart that has allowed the team to implement and advance machine learning capabilities across the organisation. Presenting on big data, he will discuss how his team is making use of recent advances in machine learning to automate and improve store operations.

With an average of 220 data scientists across his team, and an aim to grow his team as new talent is found, Prakhar will explain why accumulating and growing your data to improve store operations is the only way to grow your business.

  • Understanding how to overcome current obstacles and preparing for future challenges
  • Creating a sound structure for your data operations team to ensure the right people are hired and trained to improve processes
  • Instigating an efficient analysis of your data and feeding this information back to the team


Pre-Conference Workshops and Site Tours: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

1:00 PM WORKSHOP A: Building a Proficient Team to Help You on Your Data Decision Making Journey

A key challenge in corporate culture has been the need to hire and train professionals in the field of data science to ensure future processes and reporting are recorded accurately.

Bringing machine learning to Walmart where, previously, it had never been applied, Prakhar Mehrota, Senior Director of Machine Learning at Walmart Labs, will facilitate an in-depth workshop that will help you find ways to overcome the skills gap most industries face in this field. 

Drawing from his experience at NASA, Uber and now Walmart, this in depth 2.5 hour workshop will delve into the fundamentals of data analytics, data science and how you can build an effective mix of data professionals for your operational excellence programs.

How you will benefit from this workshop?

By attending this 2.5 hour workshop, you will understand and learn the following:

  • Using data as the backbone of all business transformation initiatives to assist the decision making process for senior executives
  • Becoming more efficient in the analysis of data and feeding this information back to teams
  • Understanding how the proliferation of data and RPA are transforming the way people are managed


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Prakhar.

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