Pendar Shahbazi

Head of Business Enhancement Kia Motors

Conference Day Two: Tuesday 20 October 2020

Monday, June 24th, 2019

9:10 AM Utilising Cost Innovation as a First-Step Planning Tool to Grow Operations

Pendar Shahbazi, Head of Business Enhancement at Kia Motors, will present on the importance of utilising cost innovation as a form of business planning. With year on year growth of 8.5%, and over 2.7 million cars sold in 2017 alone, cost innovation and business improvement remains of primary importance for the car manufacturer. 

With 82% of companies expecting their organisation to become a digital business within the next three years, Pendar will present a case study on the work Kia Motors does to connect strategy and processes together, aligning these to Operational Excellence.

  • Understanding key capability indicators and the impact of driving strategy
  • Improving business processes and the role of out of hand production(robotics)
  • Harmonising your organisation by thoroughly understanding your key KPI’s 


Pre-Conference Workshops and Site Tours: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

3:15 PM WORKSHOP B: Aligning Data to Ensure Key Strategies Are In Place for Your OPEX Transformation

With process mining remaining a key analysis method that aims to monitor and improve real business processes, understanding and utilising this is an important strategy for your business operations. 

In this interactive workshop, Pendar Shahbazi from Kia Motors will deliver an in-depth session to improve your company strategy and control operational outcomes, as well as helping you understand your market before innovation takes place. 

How you will benefit from this workshop?

It is here you will be able to discuss and brainstorm ways you can help your teams improve business processes. From there you will gain context on how disruptive innovation can create sustainable competitive advantage, which in turn will assist in growing your market share.

  • Discuss the ease of incremental innovation, which involves adding one idea to another in order to make it better
  • Understand the role of disruptive markets and how they help shape operational culture
  • Determine the four pillars of your balanced scorecard and how innovation can improve specific business metrics.


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Pendar.

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