Melissa Pollard

Associate Director Continuous Improvement & Innovation NSW HealthShare

Workshops Day: 15 March 2021

Monday, March 15th, 2021

11:30 AM Workshop C: Change Management: Ensuring Change Management Initiatives Is Adopted By Your Organisation and Deliver Value Back to the Business.

This workshop is focused on increasing the understanding of all aspects of organisational change as well as what effective ways are to manage change, increase buy-in to change and minimise resistance to change within an organisation.

  • Insights into different theories related to change management, and analysing the different tools and templates that would best suit your organisation for change management projects.
  • Understand critical components of change management, and design practical interventions focused on minimising resistance and maximising buy-in.
  • Learn how to create a case for change and gain understanding of key success factors of organisational change.

Conference Day One: 16 March 2021

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

2:30 PM Case Study: How NSW Health Share are Breaking through the Barrier of Innovation

Melissa Pollard will deliver a case study on the innovative work taking place at NSW Health Share. A shared service provider for NSW Health, Melissa will discuss the journey the team underwent in breaking through the barrier of innovation to implement long term continuous improvement.

Brining the right team together and implementing a culture of leadership and strategic innovation, Melissa will present on the continuous improvement journey the team underwent within the past 12 months, and how organisations can effectively implement long term OPEX projects

  • Implementing an effective cultural approach to leadership and change management
  • Understanding how to implement strategic, long term innovation within your organisation
  • Utilising a people-based approach to innovation within your teams


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