Markus Joldzic

Product Marketing Manager Software AG

Markus Joldzic is a Product Marketing Manager at Software AG, responsible for the products ARIS Process Mining and ARIS Aware.

Markus is one of the main experts in the ARIS team for Business Process Management, Process Performance Management and Enterprise Management Systems.

He works for Software AG more than 8 years in different roles such as Product Marketing, Product Management, Consulting and Professional Services.

His particular attention is focused on the topic of Process Mining.

Workshop Day

Monday, October 7th, 2019

11:00 AM WORKSHOP D2: Use process mining to standardise processes and enhance analytic capabilities across the enterprise

• Assess your opportunities through piloting: reduced lead time, waste removal, quality improvement, refining master data in ERP systems and standardising processes in ERP systems
• Make it easier to find information and connect systems
• Standardise processes across the enterprise to enhance your analytics
• Use process mining to provide capabilities to ground floor users that empower them to do continuous improvement faster

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