The PEX Financial Services Summit is focused solely on case studies, capabilities and ideas tailored to your complex and highly regulated industry

The digitisation of the financial  services industry is delivering on its promise to empower customers with a self-serving, personalised customer experience with limited human interaction. However, the digital era has not come without it’s operational challenges as rapid and nimble competition are running ahead of traditional financial services who have to contend with pushing new technologies, working cultures and strategies through huge legacy infrastructures in an industry which is already heavily scrutinised and regulated. The solution is to simplify and create a compliant & agile process architecture which adapts to the increasing pace of the market. 

Why? If you don’t evolve, you will sink as new fintechs keep penetrating huge parts of the market.

How? Create processes to quickly identify opportunities in your ecosystem - Identify the root cause of your bottlenecks - Optimise costs through agile human-RPA interface and drive an outcome driven culture for a dynamic business.

The PEX Financial Services Summit is designed to make every person in the room a participant. Limited PowerPoints, first-hand case studies and creative discussion-led formats will guarantee you leave with insights, capabilities and ideas to game change your operational output the moment you step foot in the office.

2020 Expert Speaker Line Up

Benefits of Attending

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Assess which parts of your workflow are ready for RPA and best practice ways to optimise human-RPA interface

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Unlock opportunities with the help of technology driven process mining and advanced behavioural and pattern analytics

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Learn inspirational leadership skills and agile goal setting for an outcome driven organisation

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Find methodologies supporting your vision to maximise value of your OPEX strategy, and drive an agile and dynamic  organisation

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Hear case studies and methodologies which will enable you to explore and engage with your ecosystem, creating value for every participant


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