Susan Reed

Founder and Chief Executive Officer EdgeDweller

Susan Reed has helped launch more than 200 products and services in over 25 different industries for more than 175 brands that range from start-ups to Fortune 50s. Her rich experiences have led to a deep understanding of innovation practices; where they succeed, and where they fail. Today, she helps organizations define the future using innovation best practices that are driven by insightful analytics and intentional creativity.

Susan’s work emphasizes the importance of using analytics as infrastructure around creative thinking in order to innovate safely and successfully. Passionate about innovation, Susan has spent the last three decades deconstructing and replicating the way people create and think. Two of Susan’s most significant contributions include the deconstruction of disruptive creation into a series of seven repeatable thinking patterns and an acute understanding of how to blend critical and creative thinking to build advanced problem-solving teams. 

In addition to helping companies achieve above-industry-average performance in revenue, share, margin and mission measures, Susan has helped innovation leaders and teams improve their ability to create original and disruptive ideas by an average of 240%, while simultaneously tripling implementation rates.

At EdgeDweller, she creates game-changing growth solutions for clients, teaches transformational leadership skills to executives and high potentials, and builds innovation capacity at the organizational level.

Tuesday: Pre-Conference Workshops & Opening Keynotes

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

9:50 AM B9: Big ideas without big risk: Scaling innovation with disruptive thinking

In this hands-on workshop, Susan will share proven frameworks to help you develop disruptive innovation without taking huge risks. Through her energetic presentation and immersive discussions, executives will learn how to:  
·         Create solutions with higher, longer-lasting growth and performance
·         Ensure end-to-end risk management
·         Implement a repeatable innovation operating system

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Susan.

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