Steven Remsen

Senior Technical Manager, Enterprise Process Excellence Intel Corporation


Steve Remsen is passionate about driving continuous improvement, advocating first principles thinking, and understanding how to harness and translate data-driven solutions into substantial and customer-oriented business results. As a senior internal technical consultant at Intel Corp., he has successfully driven numerous continuous improvement projects across diverse functional areas of the Intel enterprise, ranging from designing functional materials on the nanometer scale to deploying strategic business process architecture on the global scale. An inspiring jack of all trades, Steve is currently a part-time MBA student at the University of Portland and holds a PhD in Experimental Solid State Physics from Northern Illinois University. He is also an Intel Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt candidate as well as a Prosci certified Change Management Practitioner.


Thursday: Main Conference Day Two & Masterclasses

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

12:00 PM Process Mining: Process mapping for a digitally transformed world

As most mature continuous improvement programs will attest, deploying manual process mapping methodologies can be time-consuming activities that are prone to gross inaccuracies due to stakeholders’ and subject matter experts’ subjectivity, partiality, limited scope, or poor visibility within a given process. Process mining is an emerging technology and discipline that seeks to correct these critical flaws in traditional process mapping by using computational algorithms that can quickly and objectively create process models solely from event logs without using any other a priori information. These process models can be further enriched with attribute data to enable advanced data exploratory, data mining, and modeling methods. Essentially, process mining helps breathe life into reality-based, discovered process models for digitally transformed organizations.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the three core concepts of process mining: discovery, conformance, and enhancement
  • Review a process mining case study that delivered significant business value at Intel
  • How to select the right process mining solution for your organization that will deliver business value
  • Recommendations how to your PEx or OPx program can take process mining to the next level

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