Monica Stitt

Former Director Strategy, Planning and Program Operations Amway

With 27 years of experience in a variety of positions, including: Regional Director of Strategy, Planning and Program Operations, for the Americas, Director Customer Experience Quality and Service, GM for the Caribbean, and more, Monica has first-hand experience leading multinational and cross functional teams in a mature, multi-billion dollar organization.

Be it developing and implementing strategy, designing and improving customer experience or internal operations, Monica’s leadership of diverse-cross-functional teams nets multi-million dollar cost savings and incremental sales. Beyond the financial impact, what she enjoys most: helping individuals grow and organizational silos break down through collaborative efforts.

Tools she uses to engage teams include:

  • Voice of the Customer (internal and external)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Design Thinking 

Examples of business results include:

  • Multi-million dollar cost savings (VOC, RCA, and Design thinking)
  • 8 years double digit growth and profitability of Caribbean entities (design and implementation of sales and operations transformation strategies)
  • Increased activation
  • Increased retention
  • Moving customer service from a function to be managed to a strength to be leveraged

Monica works tirelessly to support customers; coupled with her passion towards efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations, her mission is to lead teams that deliver lasting positive impacts.

“It’s all about investing in people to identify opportunities, define what is possible, and then working together to deliver results.”

Tuesday: Pre-Conference Workshops & Opening Keynotes

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

9:50 AM B10: Breaking down organizational silos and creating a culture of continuous improvement with root cause analysis and design thinking

Leaders are experiencing increased pressure to move faster and more efficiently. Often improvements are attempted through organizational redesign. Redesign is a valid approach however the scope and approach is often lengthy, costly, and benefits are short lived because the real barriers are not addressed. Improved speed and efficiency can be achieved through effectively empowering individuals with tools and methods for identifying barriers and partnering with these teams to remove them.

In this workshop learn how one organization, starting with a concentrated effort to improve customer experience, empowered a cross functional team who uncovered people, process, and technology, pain points and their root causes. Learn what enabled barriers to be removed that increased speed and delivered efficiency, also learn what was not able to be implemented and why.

Key Takeaways from this workshop:
  • Become familiar with tools and methods of root cause analysis and design thinking for driving improved organizational performance
  • Review an organizational improvement case which broke down silos and delivered significant business value
  • Walk away with actions for helping your leadership leverage root cause tools to identify organizational barriers, and use design thinking to help your organization move faster and more efficiently

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Monica.

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