Ed Jervis

Head of Global LGBT+ Network Serco

Ed is responsible for Culture and Change within Serco’s Justice and Immigration business, as well as being the Global Chair of the group’s LGBT+ network; with a background in leading and managing complex transformation and performance improvement programmes.  Ed operates in a specialist role, combining Business Improvement (BI) and Operational Excellence (OE) with the creation of diverse and inclusive working structures and operational environments.

As an open member of the LGBT+ community and growing up during the troubles in Northern Ireland, Ed has been active in challenging and shaping the Equality & Inclusion agenda for many years.   

“We need to provide our people with environments in which they can be 100% themselves, while providing organisations and leaders the roadmap to create high performing inclusive cultures, for themselves.  Apart from it being the right thing to do, organisations that understand the true power of diverse and inclusive workplaces will always outperform those that do not”.

Ed provides a unique view on how to drive business performance by unlocking the potential of high-performing teams, through a better understanding of people and dominance dynamics, clear performance metrics, how to navigate perspective, culture, psychological safety and the importance of supporting organisations at becoming more confident and strategically brave.

Ed believes that Inclusion and Diversity is not a wooly nice to have, or simply a function of HR; but in fact, it represents the single biggest growth opportunity for smart organisations over the next 10 years.  He is clear about the impact that changing leadership and social demographics will have on industry and that organisations that do not invest and take diversity and inclusion seriously will fail to innovate, react, attract and retain the best talent and ultimately to compete in their sectors.

Friday: Post-Conference Deep Dive Focus Day

Friday, January 24th, 2020

11:45 AM Panel Discussion: Lead through new perspectives on Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity has been part of leadership discussions for a long time, yet recent events such as “Me Too” and increased attention on the LGBTQ+ community have added more dimensions and perspectives. This panel will explore both traditional ideas of diversity and these new perspectives:
  • How can a highly diversified workforce creating value to your business
  • From diversity of demographics, diversity of thought to LGBTQ+ community: Creating a truly dynamic culture where productivity thrives
  • Embrace authenticity and mitigate unconscious biases
  • Creating a culture of inclusion and openness to promote a more innovative workforce

1:30 PM A crucial addition to your Operational Excellence toolbox: The power of diversity and inclusion in your OE journey

As employees look for a more diverse and inclusive workplace, companies are making strides to incorporate D&I into their HR practices. However, Serco is pushing this to the next level by combining OE techniques with D&I practice to create a more open workplace culture and drive productivity and efficiency. In this session, Ed will share how Serco is:
  • Leveraging key change management and OE techniques when developing a Diversity & Inclusion program
  • Closing the gap between Operational Excellence and Diversity & Inclusion and begin to view them as one in the same
  • Driving accountability with senior leaders to create an open and inclusive workplace

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Ed.

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