Chris Glover

Vice President NA Supply Chain, Walmart Performance System Walmart

Chris Glover serves as the Vice President of Performance Management of Supply Chain Central Operations.  Chris’s responsibilities include the implementation of the Operational Excellence program of the Walmart Performance System within the Supply Chain network as well as the Safety and Asset Protection teams.  In this role, he is leading the organization to design and implement a Supply Chain tailored application of the best methods of the principles of Total Productive Maintenance and the Toyota Production System.


Chris joined Walmart in 2017 for his current role.  Prior to joining Walmart, he worked for 32 years with a leading Textile and Chemical manufacturing company.  Chris held many roles in manufacturing operations at his former employer ultimately leading 2 different locations to winning 3 JIPM TPM prizes.  During his last 10 years, he led a consulting business stood up inside the organization that worked with other manufacturing companies.  This allowed him to work with over 100 outside companies on 4 continents to implement the Performance System process. 


Chris is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology  with a degree in Chemical Engineering.    

Tuesday: Pre-Conference Workshops & Opening Keynotes

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

4:20 PM KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: Building Brick and Mortar resilience in the age of e-commerce

Walmart remains its No. 1 position on the 2019 Fortune 500 list, against the backdrop of massive disruption in global retail industries. This keynote session will be a rare opportunity to shed light on how Walmart is transforming itself and building resilience through developing operational excellence and agile organization. 
·         Reinventing the business model: the omni channel shopping experience
·         Building organizational resilience and strive for operational excellence
·         The Walmart Performance System: Leveraging culture to advance the process maturity
·         Key steps/lessons learned from the Walmart Supply Chain Operational Excellence Journey 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris.

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