The PEX Report 2020: Global State of Process Excellence

The PEX Report 2020: Global State of Process Excellence

What are the opportunities that lie beyond transformation? What will OPEX look like in 2020? How are the world's leading experts in OPEX and Business transformation revolutionizing strategies to deliver growth, innovation and excellence? Find out now in the highly anticipated 2020 PEX Report.

Get everything you need to navigate business change and nurture cultural transformation in 2020 and beyond. Exclusive insights include:

  • The 2019 State of the PEX industry survey report
  • Leading process change with Brenton Harder, Head of PEX at BNY Mellon
  • Creating a culture of innovation and nurturing disruption
  • Business Transformation case study: Veolia Apa Nova Bucharest
  • Lessons for leaders with General Ann Dunwoody
  • The biggest current trends in RPA and BPM
OPEX Week - 2019 Post Show Report

OPEX Week - 2019 Post Show Report

This year (2019) we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of #OPEXWeek with the biggest speaker line up any OPEX and business transformation event has ever seen, matched by an agenda packed full of thought provoking case studies, workshops and discussion groups. Not to mention the parties!

The OPEX Week 2019 Post Show Report features a full summary of OPEX Week 2019, including key event statistics, insights from the conference producer, key speakers and sessions, thoughts from the attendees and more!

"What an amazing and educational time we had at this years 2019 OPEX World Summit."

Get a taste of what to expect from OPEX Week 2020! Download the Report now for insights into the World's longest running OPEX event!

PEX Network Annual Report: The Global State of Process Excellence

PEX Network Annual Report: The Global State of Process Excellence

Process Excellence has a place in every organization - from the kitchen table startups to the biggest players on the planet, your purpose is to make work more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Our purpose is to give you the information you need to achieve this. For twenty years, we’ve been charting the progress of process, and providing insights into where the community is, sorting the passing fads from the genuine game changers.

This year we have commentary and features that will give you a new perspective, whether that’s from a different country, a different generation - or even from outer space. As a business community, our feet are always squarely on the ground, but our vision is always towards excellence. And this report is your guide not only to where we are, but where we can be, if we have the courage to make that journey.

In the 2018/19 PEX Network Annual Report, insights from 851 process excellence and business transformation professionals reveal the state of play in Process Excellence around the world.

Download the Report now to discover the current state of Process Excellence!