About OPEX Week

OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit is the number one event for global business transformation and OPEX leaders and has been delivering insights into operational excellence and the holistic business transformation community for 22 years.

For the past 22 years, PEX Network has been at the forefront of business change, instilling excellence into organizations of all sizes across all sectors. 
The high-impact network and business-critical insights we provide have inspired evolutionary transformations and helped the OPEX community to navigate through turbulent times.
In the middle of planning for the 22nd edition of this flagship event, the outbreak of COVID-19 struck plunging the world into a situation that has never been seen in modern times.
It is fair to say this could be "change" in its most extreme form...
Transformational & OPEX leaders are faced with the most tremendous challenges to navigate through these choppy waters and lead their businesses to find new grounds for survival and growth.

OPEX Week 2021 prides itself as the largest, most reputable and the most senior level summit. Providing cutting edge best practices in business process re-engineering, process excellence and innovation, change leadership, BPM, RPA and AI, all backed by the massive and ever growing global PEX Network Community (150,000+ members). It is the single destination that covers the full ecosystem of OPEX and provides a holistic approach for business transformation and operational excellence.

From lean six sigma to design thinking, from BPM to Robotics and AI, from process improvement to disruptive innovation, from change management to transformational leadership; the scope and depth covered by our annual flagship OPEX Week events have been deep and wide.

It has never been more important than now for businesses to be able to realign priorities to adapt to the changing working environment, pivot towards operating models, instill continuous improvement and business resillience and push the boundaries of agiility and speed to market even further.

In January 2019, 150+ OPEX and business transformation leaders shared a loud and clear message on the OPEX Week 2019 stage that really hit home with the 700+ attendees: Companies who have the foresight to steer themselves swiftly in the new digital economy and are able to bring together process re-engineering methods with advanced technologies are winning the new race in driving growth. Transformation is a must no matter which industry you are, and it starts from the very top!

It is for this reason we have reoluvtionised OPEX Week and we are delighted to bring you OPEX Week 2021 and OPEX Week Live 2021 - a hybrid event run in consecutive weeks enabling the world access to OPEX Week - whether it be live or virtually, we've got you.
"Best conference I have been to! Learned a lot and enjoyed the format tremendously."
Senior Manager, Business Process Improvement, PAYCHEX
In 2020 the world class panel of speakers continue the tight grip on key transformation trends and dive deeper into holistic business transformation approaches, covering crucial topics such as; growth, turnaround & holistic transformation, creating a culture for transformation, process transformation , digital transformation and innovation and business excellence.

OPEX Week 2020 captures these key themes to help you deliver meaningful and impactful business transformation. With 150+ inspirational speakers from not just North America’s but from the world’s biggest brands, you don’t want to miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn everything you need to accelerate your business transformation.
Transformation is a must no matter which industry you are, and it starts from the very top!