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Brochure: Government Excellence Week

With the recent announcement of the best and worst government centres in the UAE and the commencement of the public rating systems, a clear cut message has been sent out to all governments and their leaders to step up their government excellence efforts and ensure all government entities highli ...

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Sponsorship Prospectus: Government Excellence Week

Secure the best position at the exhibition floor - Download the sponsorship prospectus to see the available packages.

Government Excellence Awards

The Government Excellence awards ceremony is being organised to recognize the achievements and innovations driven by visionary government bodies. On the first day of the event, the Service Excellence Awards will be championing the change makers – the organisations and people that challenge mediocrity and embrace technology to shape the...

Agenda at-a-glance

Download the agenda at-a-glance now and get a quick glimpse into the topics and sessions to be covered during the event to find out what’s in store for you.

Attendee Snapshot - Government Excellence Week 2019

#GOVEXME has confirmed senior delegations from the leading enterprises and government entities in the Middle East. Download the attendee snapshot now and get an overview of who you will join at the event.


Customer Happiness beyond Customer Satisfaction

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Want a thriving workforce – try a little happiness

‘Research on human experience in the workplace reveals happiness as the key ingredient for engagement and productivity’ – download this report to gain insights on how employee happiness can lead to a thriving workforce

6 tips to drive service excellence and customer happiness

Download our 6 top tips for driving service excellence and customer happiness now to discover how governments, business entities and other organisations are utilising the latest emerging digital technologies and employee training methods to deliver a customer-centric approach tailored to evolving expectations of the digital age consumer.

Report on government excellence trends in the Middle East

Download our latest report on government excellence trends in the Middle East now to discover the top 5 focus areas for government service providers looking to excel in the digital age and more