Creating a Better Clinical Future with Digital Excellence: Serving the Community & Workforce Post-COVID-19

In the year of the pandemic, technology has transformed the way we live our daily lives: the ways in which we work stationed from home, online banking, shopping, exercising, and even socializing. But at the very epicenter of the pandemic, it’s healthcare that has needed technology transformation more than ever. 

Limited by budget, capacity, legacy processes, limited resources and regulations, the barriers to implementation are high. Innovating the ways in which we work, utilizing every OPEX tool at our disposal, and taking advantage of highly intelligent suite of healthcare technology has never been more important. By assessing our business models, re-imagining the ways we operate and choosing the right complementary tools to streamline staff work and capacity, reduce human errors, optimize patient care quality, and reduce risk and costwe can create a better clinical future.

OPEX Healthcare 2020 joins executives in process excellence, digital transformation and innovation fields, to explore strategies and insights through deep-dive case studies and interactive panel discussions. Learn how to integrate smart digital tools for revolutionized efficiency and quality, from one-to-one patient care, to transforming the supply-chain, to command centers, and more.

Can your solution help build a better clinical future? 

While disruption may have put conventional networking on hold, it cannot put business on hold. The operational and transformation challenges our attendees face require the guidance, expertise and solutions of dedicated providers.
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Key Themes for Discussion: 

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Care management, quality & clinical technologies: 
Building a smart digital roadmap to improve patient intake, inquiries, care management and outcomes.

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Leadership, governance & culture in healthcare: 
Effective crisis leadership and grounding the organization in the core values of excellence

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Information, communication & organization: 
How to strengthen collaboration, transparency and innovation across the value chain.


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