September 28 - 30, 2020 | Texas, USA

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IBM Services partners with the world's leading companies to reimagine and reinvent to build smart business -- from both the outside in and the inside out. Clients' customers continue to demand Digital Reinvention™ while enterprises are undergoing cognitive transformation in order to survive and thrive. We work with clients to... Read More

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SLKone designs, builds, and implements bespoke solutions to our client’s most challenging problems. Our expertise spans from strategic, c-suite level decision making to operationalizing strategic decision on the ground-floor with the “do-ers” in the organization. Read More


Thoughtexchange helps leaders crowdsource answers to questions in real time. Everyone contributes, everyone learns, without bias.AI and machine learning ensure everyone’s response gets considered by others. Powerful analysis tools instantly surface valuable insights into key areas of agreement and disagreement. Leaders can find common ground, inspire trust and use data to... Read More

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For over 25 years iGrafx has delivered proven ROI to the largest enterprises in the world.  Our process management, analysis, compliance, and automation solutions empower organizations to achieve maximum performance. By quickly and clearly capturing and communicating the alignment of strategy, people, processes and technology, iGrafx unites the entire organization... Read More


Indico is the leading provider of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions. We help organizations turn process into profit by enabling them to automate manual, labor-intensive, document-based workflows. Our breakthrough in solving these challenges is an approach known as transfer learning, which allows users to train machine learning models with orders... Read More


Midnight is an enterprise software company committed to transforming how enterprises connect and make use of data.Today, enterprises lack a dedicated, purpose built solution to help them automate, enrich, track and govern their data at scale. By merging elegance and state of the art technology, Midnight provides enterprises the platform... Read More


OpusWorks® Process Excellence accelerates skill-building, transforms culture and increases return on investment through delivery of advanced learning technologies and execution enablement tools. Our vast curriculum includes Foundational Skills, Practitioner Proficiency and Leader Enablement blended learning courses. Our virtual custom-branded portal platform enables immediate customization and instant scalability. We offer stand-alone... Read More

Salient Process

“We believe that processes are as fundamental to businesses as gravity is to the universe. Founded in 2011, Salient Process is an IBM Gold Business Partner, and a leading provider of IBM Digital Business Automation services and solutions. Salient Process is the creator of the next generation IBM BPM UI... Read More

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Through a consultative approach, Lean-BPM works with each client to define, focus, and clarify the specific needs that must be addressed by their BPM/OPEX program, resulting in the recommendation and implementation of methods, tools,  and solutions. Lean-BPM then works closely with each client to build a central repository of knowledge... Read More

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Software and templates don’t solve problems; people solve problems. This year KT celebrates six decades of great problem solving and identifying solutions for our clients. Sixty years of inquisitive teams asking the right questions that will propel business forward. Sixty years of empowering organizations to become better. We’ve helped organizations... Read More