Palanikumar Duraisamy

Lead Enterprise Architect Boeing

Conference Day One

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

8:40 KEYNOTE LEADERSHIP PANEL: Uniting the Business Around Digital Transformation, Technology Excellence and Moving Forward Together

·         How to align cross-company initiatives to form a cohesive approach across OPEX, Technology and Operations
·         Achieving clear consistent strategies for technology excellence - prescriptive and preventative
·         Allocating adequate resource to planning, sponsorship, budgeting, and prioritizing greatest needs for change
·         Justifying the need for enterprise mobility and cloud migration

14:00 VISIONARY KEYNOTE: Evolving Business Culture and Integrating New Technology into Operations and Processes

·         Driving Enterprise Excellence, Business Transformation and Steering a Pathway to Change
·         In order to make real, lasting, impactful change in any organization, it’s important to get the framework right. Join us as we discuss methods for implementing change within an organization.
·         Getting staff on board with new internal business transformation initiatives and transforming internal culture
·         Identifying engagement and delivery methodologies for implementing change
·         Achieve a framework for effective measurement on both Return On Investment and total Value Of Investment
·         Bringing about changes as swiftly and efficiently as possible

15:00 Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned From Scaling-up RPA and Introducing Intelligent Automation

  • Reasons for and against expanding process automation
  • Case study: the bump in the road of RPA development
  • How to overcome the hurdles
  • What Intelligent Automation practices should be applied at the present time? What is safe to automate, and what can make the biggest difference to business operations

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Palanikumar.

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