Lee Green

Chief Architect Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Conference Day One

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

11:00 PANEL DEBATE: How Will Automation and Digital Transformation Revolutionize Businesses? How Will Businesses Change?

  • The Enterprise Architect’s challenge – how can you combine systems to really work for your company take the best of what’s already there and optimize it through adding extra kit?
  • Solving the legacy dilemma: Is it better to buy off the shelf, establish new links and build bespoke, or work with modernizing the systems that you have already got?
  • Revolutionizing the business through effective Process Automation – how much is enough?
  • Do all roads now lead to technology? Enterprise Architects and IT specialists are crucial but which job roles are now at risk?
  • Will Process Engineers have a role in the business of the future? How must they adapt to survive?
  • Will Automation also replace jobs? If so, whose?

13:30 CASE STUDY: Overcoming The Legacy Hurdle to Enable your Business to Thrive in the Decades Ahead

·         Discover an agile approach to modernizing legacy applications with process orchestration
·         Learn how to compose a cost effective plan for identifying and preserving critical application data so applications can truly be decommissioned
·         Digital Data Debt: Explore practical ways that companies achieve their transformation goals while avoiding digital data (and technical) debt

16:00 IDG I: Design Thinking to Solve Legacy Systems and Processes (STRATEGIC)

·     Understanding the basics of design thinking
·     Delivering continuous improvement through strategic deployment
·     Utilization of analytics to redesign your transformational approach

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