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In the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in the adoption of process mining, a method that enables businesses to discover unrivalled insight into how their processes are actually operating, in order to increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs & bottlenecks in the processes themselves, and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

Join us in September for our new online format, where we will hear various different case studies from organisations that are reaping the benefits that this technology can bring, not just as an analytical tool to fine-tune processes, but also as a means to achieve day-to-day operational excellence as they move towards an overall strategic digital transformation.

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Drive a true business transformation by integrating the power of process mining within your whole team - from the C-Suite and beyond!

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Why is this event essential for you?

Kick Start Your Journey

Hear practical lessons on how to get started on the process mining journey and what precursors are needed to set yourself up for success and generate business value across your organisation

Generate Business Value

Discover how you can leverage data from a variety of business processes and benchmark this to create a clear and actionable view of how your processes actually operate - not how you think they operate.

Drive cost effective automation

Understand how process mining can effectively identify the most relevant tasks for your organisation. Identify the key processes for the most efficient and cost effective automation.

Champion Operational Excellence

Get ahead of the game and learn how the traditional scope of process mining is increasingly shifting towards creating a connected view of the digital supply chain to truly champion operational excellence.