19 - 21 April, 2020 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Yasser Bahaa Eldin

Organization Excellence Expert Sheikh Saqr Program for Government, United Arab Emirates

Supporting RAK government departments to meet the requirements of RAK excellence model.

Conference Day Two: Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

10:20 AM REGIONAL KEYNOTE PANEL: Mitigating The Risks Involved With Business Transformation

An executive survey this year found that businesses globally have collectively spent over $2 trillion in 2019 on digital capabilities with the aim of achieving OPEX, while 40% of survey takers confirmed they saw a direct boost in their operational efficiencies by going digital. Looking beyond the staggering expenditure, it is also important to note the non-monetary effects of a failing OPEX programme and the ways we can mitigate these.

  • Identifying open risks at the planning stage and preparing mitigation in advance
  • Defining ownership across the business to navigate gaps and reduce operational complexities
  • Implementing key controls and checks to facilitate smooth implementations

3:10 PM EXECUTIVE DEBATE: Experienced Workforce: Are They Helping Or Hindering The Process?

  • For: Experienced staff offer a level of expertise that new starters and outsiders cannot possess, leading to a risk-averse and safe business approach
  • Against: Experienced staff, especially management, are the core catalysts of ‘pushback’ and, inevitably, increase change management efforts by multifold

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