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Intelligently Automate to Optimize Insurance Operations

This white paper will reveal 3 important levers to streamline insurance operations and how to accelerate the operations optimization journey through a structured tool based automation approach.Learn more

superheroes 3

In this edition of the Business Architecture Superhero Series, we speak to 3 business architects about how business architecture is bridging the gap between IT and business operations to build enterprise-wide programs and drive significant value.Learn more

four critical

As organizations turn to new digital tools to achieve better standards of work and increased efficiency across the enterprise, the challenges of transforming your organization's culture and mindset is clear. But what are the critical competencies for driving process excellence? Gregory North, President, Globe North LLC and Process Excellence Exchange Chairman, reveals the 4 critical competencies for driving process excellence.Learn more

Mavim - large

Based upon two case studies, you will learn why an integrated approach to transformation delivers sustainable results and how the business equivalent of a “navigation system” will help you transform into an operationally efficient, agile organization.Learn more

OPEX 2017

We are entering a time of rapid transformation and leveraging operational excellence effectively will be paramount for success. Every organization has processes, but why is driving and sustaining an operational excellence initiative such a complex mission? In this report, we take a closer look at the current state of play for operational excellence and the leadership skills and qualities that OPEX leaders of the future will need.Learn more


What drives the modern PMO is a fast moving results-focused approach that supports company revenue and business objectives. Here are seven best practices that Gartner recommends to demonstrate the PMO’s value to the business and make any project management office run more efficiently and effectively.Learn more


Like most businesses, Tek Textil relied on Excel spreadsheets for almost everything, from organizing data to calculating total project cost. The result? Scattered data, broken communications, and inevitable manual errors. Ditch your spreadsheets and download this exclusive eBook on how Tek Textile, a leading textile manufacturing company, embarked on their journey to discover new ways to automate their business process and generate better results.Learn more

Customer Journey

Don’t Wait on These Three On-Boarding Improvements. Read this eBook to learn more about the role digitization can play in improving your customer relationships.Learn more


Ahead of RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit in Stockholm this May, we spoke to two industry experts about the automation initiatives they're currently implementing. Read on to discover the major trends at Nordea and Lufthansa Global Business Services. Learn more


U.S. has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. For many, the blame lies solely with China. The more plausible explanation, however, rests with something entirely different.While there is anxiety in certain quarters, our data suggests that 53% of companies are confident that automation will have a positive effect on the workplace, with just 21% fearing the future. In the last 18 months, 17,000 jobs have been displaced by automation at tech-firm Accenture. Yet instead of laying them off,... Learn more

321 whitepaper results
of 33