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Process Improvement Playbook

The Process Improvement Playbook will set you up for success when preparing, documenting, implementing, and measuring the success of your business processesLearn more

our challenges

This infographic will provide you with a snapshot of where potential clients are planning to invest in consultancy services, business intelligence, BPM suites, technology platforms and robotic process automation now.Learn more

Advisory Board Insights

Our 14 expert advisors share insights and help to shape the global agenda of the Process Excellence Network. In this exclusive eBook they reveal what's in their essential operational excellence toolkit and share their big predictions for operational excellence in 2025.Learn more

The Digital Transformation of Governance

The fundamental goal of ’digitizing’ your Governance is to support the continuous improvement of decisions, actions and outcomes by delivering trustworthy, timely and relevant information when, how, and to whom it is needed.Learn more

PEX Goals 2017

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through 2017! In a fast-moving business environment, it is often difficult to find time and take stock of your original aims for the year. What were your process excellence goals for 2017? What have you done so far to reach them? Have you already achieved them? At the beginning of the year the PEX Network asked attendees of OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit to share their PEX Goals for 2017 on our graffiti boards, this is what some of them had to say.Learn more

Infographic - Unlocking the Potential

In today’s high-paced, competitive environment, organizations need strong alignment between vision, strategy and execution. To achieve this, they need to prioritize the right initiatives, resource them appropriately and closely monitor progress to business results.Learn more

Intelligently Automate to Optimize Insurance Operations

This white paper will reveal 3 important levers to streamline insurance operations and how to accelerate the operations optimization journey through a structured tool based automation approach.Learn more

superheroes 3

In this edition of the Business Architecture Superhero Series, we speak to 3 business architects about how business architecture is bridging the gap between IT and business operations to build enterprise-wide programs and drive significant value.Learn more

four critical

As organizations turn to new digital tools to achieve better standards of work and increased efficiency across the enterprise, the challenges of transforming your organization's culture and mindset is clear. But what are the critical competencies for driving process excellence? Gregory North, President, Globe North LLC and Process Excellence Exchange Chairman, reveals the 4 critical competencies for driving process excellence.Learn more

Mavim - large

Based upon two case studies, you will learn why an integrated approach to transformation delivers sustainable results and how the business equivalent of a “navigation system” will help you transform into an operationally efficient, agile organization.Learn more

327 whitepaper results
of 33