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What drives the modern PMO is a fast moving results-focused approach that supports company revenue and business objectives. Here are seven best practices that Gartner recommends to demonstrate the PMO’s value to the business and make any project management office run more efficiently and effectively.Learn more


Like most businesses, Tek Textil relied on Excel spreadsheets for almost everything, from organizing data to calculating total project cost. The result? Scattered data, broken communications, and inevitable manual errors. Ditch your spreadsheets and download this exclusive eBook on how Tek Textile, a leading textile manufacturing company, embarked on their journey to discover new ways to automate their business process and generate better results.Learn more

Customer Journey

Don’t Wait on These Three On-Boarding Improvements. Read this eBook to learn more about the role digitization can play in improving your customer relationships.Learn more


Ahead of RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit in Stockholm this May, we spoke to two industry experts about the automation initiatives they're currently implementing. Read on to discover the major trends at Nordea and Lufthansa Global Business Services. Learn more


U.S. has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. For many, the blame lies solely with China. The more plausible explanation, however, rests with something entirely different.While there is anxiety in certain quarters, our data suggests that 53% of companies are confident that automation will have a positive effect on the workplace, with just 21% fearing the future. In the last 18 months, 17,000 jobs have been displaced by automation at tech-firm Accenture. Yet instead of laying them off,... Learn more


In this report we hear from three automation experts who have attended our events. Read on to watch video interviews from Lufthansa GBS, Deutsche Telekom and Royal Mail Group.We hear from:Dominik Jaskulski, Process Automation Manager, Lufthansa Business GroupSebatien Zeiss, VP Automation And Department Development, Deutsche TelekomWendy Hulton, Head Of Finance Business Services, Royal Mail Group Learn more


Robotic Process Automation is reality today, and it is happening right here, right now!  Enterprises across the world are turning to RPA to transform the way they manage their processes and operations, and deliver significant stakeholder value.Recently, L&T Infotech (LTI) surveyed PEX Network's members to get a deeper understanding of their RPA plans and experiences. over 190 members took part and the results are summarized in this Infographic.  If you have already embarked... Learn more

K2 White Paper

Learn more about empowering your organization to keep up with the quickly changing market and how K2’s low-code, agile BPM platform as helped companies across all industries transform their business.Learn more

RPA Guide for Banks

The global Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) robotic automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 75% and is expected to reach USD 835 million by 2020. This rapid adoption rate indicates, that BFSI companies will focus on investing for training and ownership of the automation technologies, as compared to investing on professional services to automate processes, over the forecasted period.Learn more

The Six Roles of an Internal Continuous Improvement Organization

Working with organizational customers to develop and deliver value-adding services is a major challenge for any internal service organization. Continuous Improvement (CI) teams are no exception. This article describes a framework that can help internal CI teams identify and articulate the roles they can play to better meet their customer’s needs. By having a framework they can use with internal customers, CI leaders can align expectations for service delivery and ensure their team plays the right role(s) to add the most value to the organization.Learn more

315 whitepaper results
of 31