Six Sigma for Beginners and Intermediates
John Blowers

Lean Six Sigma—Not Just for the Big Guys

No, Lean Six Sigma is not the new diet you saw late last night on that TV infomercial, and DMAIC is not a type of vitamin. Lean Six Sigma has been working its way into organizations for over half a century; however these difficult economic times provide another opportunity to review this process management theory’s relevancy in today’s business world. A Brief History of the Origins of Six Sigma... Read more

by: John Blowers
Published: November 17, 2008
Tags: process management theory, Toyota Production System, just-in-time, autonomation, motorola, TPS, variation, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, DMAIC, Kaizen, difficult economic times, Quality Leader, GE, statistical standard deviation, DFSS, General Electric, Six Sigma, Plan-Do-Check-Act, standard deviation, eliminating variables, Shewhart cycle, HR, Lean Six Sigma, visual process mapping, design for Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma case study, Six Sigma tools, Automation, Lean Six, waste, Quality, quality control, defects per million opportunities, DPMO, commercial quality, W. Edwards Deming