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Your company’s profits and sales have taken a downward turn. Records show that in the last three quarters alone cost of operations has more than doubled, delivery times have increased and you are not meeting customer requirements in terms of quantities and goods rejected. It is evident that your competitors are taking over your markets, indeed one of your competitor’s delivery time is 50% less than that of your company The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company knows you have graduated from a Quality Management and Six Sigma Program and have tasked you to present a two year "quality strategy" to reverse the trend and put the company in a competitive position Demonstrate how you would use the principle of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to link business supply chain activities to the voice of the customer (VOC). You are required to articulate comprehensively how you would apply the six sigma tool of DMAIC in improving existing products/service as well as the Seven Basic Quality Tools where appropriate. Write a two (2) year roadmap, showing how you will manage the people-side of the transition

Author: richibough
Posted: 02/24/2016
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