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Urgently need help regarding DOE and ANOVA Hi, I am doing my final year project on utilizing six sigma to reduce the rejections and rework, the scope of my project is concerned with attribute data (number of circuit defects in the wire harness of a car, number of taping defects in the wire harness etc.) . I am asked by my project advisor to use ANOVA for this project in the analyze phase of the DMAIC and Design of Experiments (DOE) in the Improve phase. i have no idea how to do that for attribute data. Also i only have 15-25 more days to wind up my project. I also want to know that is it necessary to use ANOVA and DOE in the DMAIC philosophy? Are there any other techniques that can be used or is it necessary to use them for a successful six sigma project? I shall be very thankful to u if u help me regarding this issue. Any books, reference materials etc. will be a great help Thank You Moin

Author: moinanw
Posted: 02/24/2016
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