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(this may take a while to present, but the Q is brief) I want to know how you think Mgr C should proceed/address Boss A and Worker B) Boss A runs a business. Mgr C works for him. Boss A hires Worker B. Mgr C is responsible for Worker B. Worker B's performance is sub-par. Mgr C has attempted to lead/guide/change Worker B, but performance still stinks. Mgr C tries to present some issues to Boss A, but Boss A blames Mgr C for 'being negative' (by telling Boss A of issues), and for finding 'nothing but problems'. Worker B has an 'in' w/ Boss A and will not be fired. Asside from needing to find another career opportunity and maintining composure, how should Mgr C address Worker B and Boss A? I appreciate your article(s) and your input on the scenario, above. I look forward to your response, when you get the chance. Krista Driscoll

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Posted: 02/24/2016
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