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MBA Thesis Survey: Six Sigma - IT Strategy Review. --------------------------------------------- Hi there, Thank you for reading my post. Please find below a link to a survey being done towards my MBA thesis - &quote;Six Sigma - IT Strategy Review&quote;. I would be more than grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete this. I would greatly value input/feedback from subject matter experts/users like you. It is expected that the survey 10-15 minutes to complete. Rest assured that your anonymity is guaranteed; results from this questionnaire will be coded and reported in the aggregate. Many thanks again and i look forward to receiving your much valued responses. Please follow this link to take the survey: http://www.surveypirate.com/Survey.aspx?surveyid=7085&hash=VSFu-U2ed4xn9... Alternatively use the link below if the above link does not work: http://www.surveypirate.com/SurveyPage.aspx?surveyid=7085 Kind Regards Ndah Tatani

Author: inda86
Posted: 02/24/2016
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